We are tired...

But we can still win this

I’m not sure they are tired. Tennessee is just hitting everything. Defense hasn’t been that bad. Also, the refs aren’t helping us any, Hall and Barford have been attacking the rim and getting absolutely no calls, buy if macon slightly bumps Grant Williams (who probably weighs about a 100 pounds more than him) it’s a foul. It’s been really inconsistent.

NM, they are tired Macon is exhausted. Hopefully we can find some kind of energy at half time.

There is not going to be any more energy after halftime. They are just beat. Hard to go up and down the court like we do in our third game in less than 48 hours. On to the NCAA tournament.

Where’s Coach Morris’ stash of Red Bull when you need it?

It’s a shame Tenn can’t shoot like that tomorrow. If they could, they would beat Kentucky, but no team shoot 100% 3 point shots two games in a row.

They beat Kentucky twice already this year.

Kentucky won’t shoot like it did today either.