We are tied with A$M at #1 ranking for transfers lost to portal

not where I would like to be considering all the bad juju going on in College Station, but we are now #1 in an ignominious recruiting category. If PT is the prime motivator to get a recruit then this could be a good thing. Does not feel like it, in any way, shape or form.

I think what we have seen is a purge of players the staff simply told them that playing time would be sparingly if they stayed at arkansas.

Slusher and Dominick hurt, however we understand slusher transfer and have heard new dc wanted to use Dominick in a way he wasn’t comfortable so I get them both moving on.

Catalon hurts but I understand and wish him well.

Many others are going where they can play.


least FBS transfers:

most FBS transfers

and a very active portal watcher/writer ranks the SEC 5 best for using portal

I believe the long drawn out portal process this year will eventually work in our favor. The portal watch is a distraction and catharsis until the basketball team recovers and wins a few.

Don’t have the numbers, but weren’t an overwhelming # of our outgoing portal transfer on defense? We also lost most of our coaches on defense. Our defense struggled in '22 - in part due to injures & in losing Brooks & Foucha during spring '22. Perhaps cleaning house on defense & with the S&C personnel was needed with new blood & a major rebuild for '23.

Not just Foucha and Brooks, but Catalon, Bishop, and also Slusher for several games.

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In mentioning the injuries, believe at one point that totaled at 6 plus the loss of Foucha & Brooks so a total of 8 total lost on defense. Can’t blame Odom for the injuries but perhaps some blame goes to S&C staff.

Still have not heard why so many on defense have entered the portal - unless due to the coaching turnover.

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