We are thin at every position

We don’t have any quality backups on either side of ball. Yesterday we lost Greenlaw and who do we have to bring in Bumper Pool a true freshman. Bumper will be a good player in time but he isn’t at present! Two plays later Vandy RB goes 63 yards for TD. As much as I like him Ty is very inconsistent QB. He misses Jones who was wide open for big gain or possible TD when it was 24-17 and we were never in it after that. You can say what what you want just very poor recruiting by Bret and staff.

Yep. Bumper is going to be very good. On the play you mentioned, he blitzed hard, ran to the handoff and did not break down to make the read and tackle. Thus he over ran the play big time and the long td run resulted. Inexperienced freshman , boom there you go.

Not trying to knock the last staff, but what in the world were they doing the last couple of years in recruiting?

From the looks on the field not much!

Since Bumper blitzed untouched and missed the runner in the backfield and then he raced through the area that Bumper just vacated, I would say yes it was too bad Greenlaw had gone out. They threw a pass to their tight end who Bumper was failing to cover one-on-one for a big gain later. He will be good in time but it was clear when he came in they went after him and he found out the SEC was a little tougher than Texas HS Football.

I watched Pool a lot in the second half. He made some mistakes, but he also made some plays, too.

He’s done that all season, i anticipate he can improve, he can be all conference if he does. The outside runs have torn him up while he is on the field.

Bumper hustled and gave effort. I can rewind that first play and see missed tackles on the back end. So it’s not one players fault. I think it’s time to realize this season is a learning experience for some young hogs and next year will be as well. One thing for sure there will soon be depth on the DL. LB and DB soon I hope add the depth.

Wasn’t that long ago Greenlaw was getting burned the same way when he was a freshman. He found out the SEC was a little tougher than AR HS football. He turned out pretty good.
Takes time fellas.

The more BP gets burned now, the faster the learning curve… play him.

Tre was thrown in the fray as a true freshman and learned on the job. Turned out pretty good.

I assume you meant “Dre”.

Thanks Wiz. I’m getting senile.

We knew who you meant. Common for us old farts anyway.

Yeah - no problem . Wasn’t trying to bust your xxxx.

I just read it as “Trey”, which made me think of Trey Flowers and I was momentarily confused. Then in the next moment, I knew who you meant.

And I also am frequently having senior moments, so join the club.

Actually, you could have been talking about Trey Flowers just as well, because he was thrown into the fire as a true freshman and learned on the job, too. You play true freshmen, it will cost you in the short term. They do grow up faster having played. Even as little as Connor Noland has played, the fact that he is preparing each week with the idea that he might play has put his development into another gear.

Bear Bryant once said you can tell how many games you will lose by counting the number of freshman starters.

I believe it was “sophomore” starters, as freshmen weren’t eligible for “varsity” ball at that time. But your point is well taken.

I’m sure that is correct. I barely remember when we would have hired Bear but Kentucky would not release him from his last year’s contract even if they told him he would not be re-signed. So he waited a year and went to TA&M.