We are teetering...

We are tired and not getting quality minutes from the bench

This could get ugly.

It’s ugly right now.

Cal makes me sick.

I can’t wait for his day of reconning.

Have had multiple chance. To much unforced dumb stuff.

Welp. Guess ill go to bed. Check out the damage at 4am

Bench giving us nothing. C.J. with several open looks and can’t hit anything. Hall looks intimidated.

KY FR are not.

From a sure steal to a foul, geeze

Played hard. Just not can’t hang. To many bricks.

Let me be clear that I am not criticizing Mike. We just struggle with long and tall teams. Kentucky has killed us with length the past few years, UNC same thing. I hope we can recover our confidence after this beating. We rely on guard play and shooting well. I hate Calipari

It’s what happens when you send out seven Five Stars … talent prevails. There was hope being at home with a veteran team against mostly freshmen but not tonight. The hate for that blue team and coach does nothing but rise in me.

The bench was horrible 2 nite…22 gives us good minutes but that HS move he has on offense is not working at all…