We are taking a lot of pitches

This pitcher didn’t have very good control early on but hes throwing strikes now we need to be up there hacking at it.throwing a lot of off-speed stuff on the first pitch be ready to go up there and hit it… we are getting good pitches to hit just got to swing the bat and hope we get one.

That’s what I’m talkin about goodheart!!

Great job of going the other way Nesbit big run like there!

We are getting more aggressive…I think someone gets a hold of one pretty soon… Campbell has been unbelievable! Just hope he can keep it up.

Well that’s a good start to conference play!
Excellent pitching. I don’t like the walk in the 8th! Other than that you can’t expect anything any better. Campbell get the win and Cronnin get the save.

I’m sure proud Good heart was in the lineup tonight. He did it all. Scored on a sax fly had the first RBI of the game and
2- doubles.
We had some poor AB’s tonight. Casey Martin needs to take the ball to RF. Nesbit is coming on. It hard to complain when the Hogs earned a shutout!

Tomorrow will be rough!

yes Glad we won! we took way too many hittable pitches for a few innings and then started swinging but we are going to have to know the strike zone and swing at strikes.Our weakness is the offspeed pitch and we need to adjust to that.Sikemma hides the ball incredibly well and we need to be ready for the same approach this guy had tonight.I would hope we wwould be better after seeing all the offspeed tonight but we will see.His ERA is 0.46 so we got a battle on our hands.Noland needs to be xtra sharp and keep the ball out of the middle of the plate.

Ain’t it interesting…Goodheart is leading the Hogs in SEC hitting.

Wow, DVH played him against the lefty.

Great start to the season. WPS

Phil said on the radio that Goodheart had an eye exam recently and his contacts prescription was changed. I think it worked.

Yes I agree Marty! And he had the best approach when he got a strike he didn’t take it he went up there to hit it when it was not strike he took a walk, he had a great game I wish the rest of them would have done that

They all
Need an eye exam!
Goodheart has a good day at the plate.

Reminded me of last year - as good as we were offensively, off-speed junk was/is our Achilles heel. By about the 4th inning, I was thinking that all of our hitters needed to be sitting on his change-up until he started mowing them down with his fastball . . . which I don’t think he would have done. In other words, much like opponents lay off of Harris and Gabe and dare them to take the 3-point shot, I think we’d be happy with the results if they started feeding us fastballs.

Exactly Wiz! That kid didn’t have a fastball that he can throw by us,move up in the box and jump all over those changeups he left out over the plate that we were taking. In my opinion we’ve always taken too many pitches. I don’t know if dvh is telling them that or what but we seem to take a lot of very hittable pitches.

I keep waiting to see the ball go to the opposite field! Martin needs to let the ball get deep. He just didn’t take advantage last night. Maybe he will adjust today and get going.
The hogs will be facing another good Lefty today. Noland needs to be effective and efficient. I hope he can go 5 innngs. I don’t think DVH will attempt to leave him on the mound too long today.
Our pitching has been awesome.


Reminded me of last year - as good as we were offensively, off-speed junk was/is our Achilles heel…

[/quote]We have a couple batters who swing as hard as they can on every effort. You just can’t always do that, especially when the pitcher has a count advantage.

I miss Shaddy and Cole who made solid contact all season last year.

Will be interesting to see who and when someone comes in behind Noland. You’d think neither Kosty or Cronin are available after pitching last night, so I guess that means Ramage and Kopps?

I think wicklander will be ready to go quickly if Noland doesn’t have it.I agree will be Ramage or Kopps if he goes five or six innings

We will know pretty quick if Noland has his command today. Wicklander was impressive his last start and DVH got him off the mound without getting his pitch count up too high. Your probably right about him being the first one out of the bull pen. It also wouldn’t suprise me if Ramage follows Noland. I just hope Ramage has time to get loose before he comes in!
Kopps has been solid and I enjoy watching him pitch!
Do you think Cronnin will be available to close again today?


Shaddy and Cole were table sitters. They used the whole field with success. I hope Martin learns to go the other way.
The off speed stuff especially coming from lefties is tough to pick up! That’s what make it more important to go to the opposite field.

The new pitching coach has a new recovery program for our pitchers and Cronin supposedly loves it so not sure if he can throw today or not.