We are such a different team on the road

I’m not bashing us, because as ugly as a half as it was we are still in the game. For some reason, except that one season with Portis/Qualls, we are just completely different team when playing on the road, as opposed to playing at home. Is it a mind game you have to break or what? I’m no basketball wiz at all, so I’m just curious. I’ve got high hopes for this team this year, and in order for that to happen they have to get it figured out on the road. Come on hogs! Make the halftime changes needed and beat this mediocre Texas team that many on here hate.

Thank you, hogs! As ugly of a game as it was at times, I’ll take the win. There was so many fouls there seemed to be no flow to the game. We won the game by our free throw shooting. 9-1 sounds good to me! We just really need Moses to get his shot going. Either way, WPS!

Moses isn’t getting the ball much in position to score, and he’s not converting much when he does. Played the serious D though, with 10 boards and 5 blocks.

By the way, this was officially a neutral site game, not a road game, and will be regarded as such by RPI and by the selection committee when the time comes. But any win away from BWA is a good one.

Speaking of RPI, we’re back up to #26 on both Warren Nolan’s RPI site and rpiforecast.com after the win. I think Texas, with all those freshmen, will get better as the year goes on and this win may look better in March than it does now.’

Rpiforecast.com, as the name implies, also projects our RPI and result for every remaining game, using Jeff Sagarin’s predictor numbers. They predict we will go 21-10/10-8 with the #42 RPI. If that is correct, we should be looking at a 10 or 11 seed and not really sweating Selection Sunday too much.

Comments: well they did make adjustments and once they took the lead in the second half they fought to keep it, l’ll take this kind of win especially on the road (I don’t care how they call it to me it is a road game 400 hundred miles from the hawgs homecourt, and the longhorns 90 miles from their campus) over a blow-out any day… a good day at the office

Actually 163 miles from the Erwin Center in Austin to Toyota Center in Houston, but it’s also 569 miles from BWA to downtown Houston. I didn’t think we were too badly outnumbered in the crowd though. The Aggies were playing 97 miles from campus – and also lost.

I didn’t realize we shot as poorly from the field as we did. Shot 35% from the floor, 25% on threes, and still won thanks to 93% from the line.

gotta find a good combination at the guard positions to have confidence on the road and Macon showed me something today.
Texas played to Hogs tempo the first 10 or so minutes of the 2nd half. Hogs got the lead and had some confidence, then Texas made some plays to get back in game.

Shoot it was like 27% and 12% at half