We are still making horrible mistakes in the crunch

Fortunately, neither Texas nor their country cousins were able to make us pay for it. We’re stepping on baselines, sidelines, dribbling out of bounds, falling down and getting caught in corners. Barford bricked his last 4 FT’s and even Macon missed at the end. To our credit, we’ve had laser like focus and herculean effort on the defensive end on the game’s final possession. I think we need a lot of work on inbounds plays and generally managing the closing minute of a game.

But somehow are 5-0 in games decided by five points or less.

Yes we are, but that does not mean that all is well and can’t be improved upon. We’re putting ourselves in position to win, then opening the door to give our opponents a final chance. Sooner or later, likely sooner, that will cost us.

Didn’t say all is well.

I just like numbers.

They might, just might, start playing better.

The best way to close out a game is to make free throws.

And to have a legit and true point guard - which they clearly don’t and I’m told are out looking for for 2017-2018.

I think you’re both right. We are making a lot of stupid mistakes during the game as a whole, not just crunch time. However, we have been making more clutch, winning plays. Just making a few more of the good ones than the bad ones right now.

Yea, I agree our closing can be better. We gave TAM 2 opportunities to take the lead at the end, when we should have closed them out and they had no chance at all. But, still have to remember we got guys in this situation that aren’t use to it, they are learning as they go.

This type of stuff just happens in college basketball… that’s why they always say anything can happen in March. We are talking about teenagers on the floor. That’s why I like our chances in March. If we can keep our focused and tenacious defense going, maybe even get stronger, I’ll live with some mistakes happening like always from going full throttle. You have to recognize that a&m totally made some horrible mistakes too. You know, more than us actually. Especially toward the end. And Mike likes to think his style has something to do with that! I’ll have to agree. I was wrong about manny, (I’m not sure still if I’m wrong about doubling with our center at the three point line and always giving up a wide open three on a broke down rotation), but I have to say I’m just learning to trust Mike. Because he gets it right more often than I would (probably…maybe, idk for sure :wink: ) and definitely got it right more than 14 coaches he faced so far this year.

Im confused… I thought we were out looking for a true point guard last year and we found this guy named Barford from the JUCO ranks. I don’t have a lot off faith that we can find a true point guard. We haven’t had one in years. This thread is by no means a knock on Barford, as I like what he brings to the team. I’m just simply pointing out our inability to find that hard nosed point with great leadership!

Barford seems to have a tough mentality. Does he lack the knowledge of the offense or is it more ball handling issues? Could he possibly develop into a point next year?

Best way to improve a team’s morale is to win.

They made almost zero turnovers down the stretch at Tennessee. But, there were some issues in crunch time at A&M. The Aggies were also making mistakes and missing shots.

I am proud that we came out on top of what was a very very ugly game in what if you didnt know better you would think are horrible teams! Arkansas is playing no where at the level it has earlier or is capable of! There is no reason for this team to take major steps backwards, yet every reason to take that major step forward! Coach has got to instill in Each player his importance to this team as say Cook has to become the 4 spot man, he is ready, Beard has to become our point and quit taking nights off, has to! Barford needs to be told to take the court over more often and dont let a missed shot hold em up for several minutes, the kid is a driver and a game taker over, its his DNA and playing any different takes away from his game as well as the team! Hannahs has to look for his shot harder and much quicker, he is to good not to and he along wiith Manny doing what Manny does will pick up and take this team far! Moses needs to be a Defender, rebounder and a shot changer and just take the points when they are there! Macon needs to trust his short jumper a little more at times and just keep doing what hes doing! MA needs to demand all of the above along with non stop hustle on defensive effort and rebounding, back off on Thomas’s minutes( the team falls way behind in his presence everytime, its in past games tape to see, but he will get there, he gives his all, just isnt ready but for shorter spurts!Trey needs more! We have got to get CJ and our future Qualls like kid minutes at home games, both have shown they have talent and CJ is a pure scorer, got to give this kid minutes, he could still help down the streatch! This team can be a top ten team still by seasons end, but they have to believe and play much much harder than i’ve been seeing and its on the coach to make this happen! This team is Toooooo talented to look like they did last night and in many many spells since conference opened!!!

I think you would describe Jabril Durham as a true point guard on last year’s team. Controlled the offense, got guys in position, and racked up a ton of assists.

With that said, I don’t think this staff really just goes all out for a “true point guard” they like versatile combo guards. They were asking Nolan Richardson about it on Bo’s show last week, and even Nolan said he preferred combo guards and said the only true PG he ever had was Kareem Reid, he said the rest of those guys were combos. And I tend to agree, with the style of offense we run we don’t need a slow it down, direct traffic, and set up plays type of guard to be successful. The motion offense we run is at it’s best when you have multiple guys that can make plays and get others involved rather than just having the one PG that everyone is dependent on.