We are so quick to blame the X's and O's but

you also gotta look at the Jimmy’s and Joe’s…Ok, Chavis admitted to playing folks too many snaps, but I cant fault him because you’re trying to get stops to win the game. At the moment he doesn’t have enough good help to have confidence to put others in. So he’s dealing with a double edge sword. I saw the Fire Chavis post, but the man’s hands are tied. Hell, last year we sat back on defense and gave it up and this year we blitz and give it up. What is a man to do? Bottom line we need more Jimmy’s and Joe’s and that when the X’s and O’s will start to work. It’s a process.

I think we are a little short of DBs right now, which really hurts when you play an aerial circus like Ole Miss.

I do think he needs to let Bumper Pool play more snaps, but I am kind of at a loss to think of who else can play a lot of meaningful snaps at LB in those 4-2-5 schemes you get forced into by all the spread looks.