We are really one of two fan bases in the SEC that really loves our basketball

Which makes it even that much more frustrating to watch us play this way in so many games year after year. I was at the game Saturday and was like a little kid. Went down to meet Darrel Macon , Gafford and coach Anderson after the game and was all smiles. I also love the Razorbacks. My family loves the Razorbacks. They are such a huge deal to us and so many people. Such an imposition part of our lives. Dangit though, why why why are we so in consistent? Its frustrating. I grit my teeth and cuss so much under my breath when we continue to do the absolute same things time and time again and take ourselves out of games just when we climb back in. Of course Allen would have a career day against us when he hadn’t even hit double figures previously in conference. Was there any doubt.

I would add Missouri to your list of SEC fan bases that love basketball.

True. I was probably basic that on attendance the last several years even though Missouri does draw well your point is taken. Either way i guess my point was mainly about the frustrations of a program thats so loved. Battling hard and losing close hard fought games is one thing. Getting blown out and having all these lapses are another. I Believe we will be fine though. Go .500 in conference and get an 8 or 9 seed in the tournament.
Go Hogs

I think it might take a slightly above .500 record in conference play to feel good about the tournament, maybe 10-8 with a win in the SEC Tournament. Of course a lot depends on who the wins and losses are against.