We are playing very well

Love this teams moxie. Seems like each kid has a high basketball iq. No fear, and they’ve got some talent. Bench is playing great. Love it.

yeah but nobody blows a lead faster than us…from 22 to 7 in about 3 min!!

Might have spoken too soon. 17-2 run by them.

just pick a man and guard him!

Awesome game tonight!! lighting it up!

The way this road game unfolded was exactly what this young team needed. Came out hot in both 1st and 2nd half while playing great. The Rams then went on a “hot shooting” 17-2 run when Mike brought 3 bench players in - bam only a 6 point lead. Mike puts the starters back in and the Hogs go on their own 20-3 (or whatever it was) run and we’re back in total control. They faced adversity on the road and showed their mettle. Should give them great confidence going forward. Bench was great except for that 3 or 4 minute stretch, but you’ve also got to give the Rams credit too - a great stretch of shooting and hustle.

And they took that punch and fought back. Great learning experience for this young team. Gafford showed up at the right time. It’s encouraging to see the team play well in the first half with gafford only playing 7 minutes

A bit nervewracking but I’d rather have the team work through a rough patch and regain control than cruise through a game where they’re not tested. One, they know it’s something they need to work on, and two, they pass a gut check on the road, something that will come in handy in January and February.

Not sure what Anderson told them during the TO he called to stop the run but he needs to record it so he can tell them again. What ever it sure worked…Probably told the to stop coasting and start playing D again.

Not trying to be a downer, but that was a pretty bad team that we beat. They have lost to La. Lafayette, South Dakota St., and So. Il., by double digits this year. With the exception of Tx., it’s been a pretty easy non conference schedule. But, that’s exactly what this young team needed. Every game these freshmen play they become accustomed to the college game and will only get better. The conference is tough with Ky., Tn., and Auburn all hanging around the top ten though I would have thought Auburn was over their salary Cap!

They are a bad defensive team. However, they played Colorado (#58 Pomeroy) tough in Boulder in their previous game. SD St. and S. Ill. are also top 100 Pomeroy. They will challenge in their conferences.

It was a road game. How many times have we seen Arkansas teams struggle to score in an enemy arena, especially one they had never seen? In context with history, this was a superb performance.

i can’t remember last time we knocked down shots like that on the road. at home, familiar rims, we’ve seen it a number of times, on the road, rare.

if they are bad, then we routed a bad team on the road as we should have. i was impressed for the most part. it just looked more cohesive on both ends of the court than it has at times and was very good to see.

our numbers are way up from last year in assists and defensive rankings and a couple of other metrics the statisticians look at. looks like right now whoever picked us tenth in the league might have to eat a little crow. time will tell.

Hear, hear, I’m not sure our past teams even win this 1st road game. When is the last time we had a point guard w 12 assists?
Where did those geniuses pick Tennessee to finish last year? :sunglasses:

Indiana is pretty good.


Indiana is pretty good.

[/quote]Just noting that Indiana beat NW, while Michigan only beat NW by a single hoop.

And frankly, I think the Hogs are much better today than they were when they played the Hoosiers.


Also Indiana routed a ranked Marquette team that later beat Louisville and a ranked Kansas State team

I’ll not sure that statement carries the gravity you intended it to, I believe you posted similar comments yesterday as well. Personally I believe you are missing the bigger picture how these young men are learning how to play through adversity on the road or even at home. Mike called timeout inserted Gafford and the rest of starters and the lead swelled from 7pts to double digits 20pts in 2-3mins…

He posted that comment when CSU was on the run, cutting it to seven.

oh I get the big picture for sure we have ALWAYS been a team of runs,we can jump up on you by 10 in a couple minutes and then we can give pts in a hurry b/c we are going 100 mph all the time. and are going to leave some open shots due to all the trapping.I was proud we pulled it back together but against better competition will be harder to do…I loved how we played except for those 3-4 min.