We are playing okay

and we really haven’t gotten comfortable yet. I realize it’s extremely early.

These guys are still playing on eggshells a bit. Desi has not been Desi yet, Chaney has not been Chaney yet, same with most of these guy. Just not quite comfortable enough yet to play naturally instinctively, comfortably. But still playing well. Even Joe, so much more to come from him. I’m excited to see these guys really become freed up. They can play so much faster, and capable of so much more. It’s going to be fun to watch and see it.

I’m excited by what I’ve already seen. Can’t imagine what I’ll think when I see what you believe will happen.

2 of 16 on 3 point attempts…and the Hogs won easily. Strange, but promising.

Yeah, and the whistle callers control the tempo of the game, just a awful called game so many missed calls

I am hoping Keyshawn and Reggie play loose and on instinct by conference start and Jordan gets going by February. This could be a solid group of ten by February.


Saw UC Davis gave Indiana quite a fight before the Hoosiers pulled away late. Morgan, who tore us up in the second half, was the key man for IU. They beat UTA by 14, while we won by 18, but that’s quibbling.

yeah we are living on defense right now and so far doesn’t like we have very many shooters,hopefully that will change.

yeah we are living on defense right now and so far doesn’t like we have very many shooters,hopefully that will change.

Indiana will get lots of TV time this winter and that guard is the real deal. The fact that we beat them will be talked about right up to the selection show.

Texas is #11 in the CBS Sports poll, fwiw, and that loss won’t be a bad loss. And, so close to a quality win.

It’s going to take time for this team to get it going. The first team is doing well, but our bench has got to step it up. Conference play is probably going to smack us. 3 of our first 4 SEC games are going to be against the top half of our league. But ultimately, I think to finish the season we’ll pull it together.

I like this young team.

It’s all about confidence this early in careers.

You shatter confidence and a kid can be set back.

Get some confidence like a Cheney in last game and watch that build as a freshman into fulfilling potential.

Confidence just keeps building & I’m sure MA & staff are a big part of that & keeps pushing them.
They play defense!
Man, just one more FT in that Texas game. Oh well just keep doing what you’re doing men.