We are peaking at just the right time.............................

Our freshmen are “growing up” right before our eyes. Noland, Trest, Wicklander, etc. have been tested, struggled some, but have come through all of that more seasoned and sure of themselves. Our role players and subs are rising up to play and hit better and our stars are all beginning to play solid. This team is peaking at the right time just like all well coached teams do. There is a mental and physical toughness from top to bottom on this team that I really like. Go Hogs.

Well put… if you had said our studs would get off to a slow start and the youngsters would pick them up offensively until they got back to being studs again, you would have been laughed off the board. The offensive balance of this team is down right shocking after what we lost last year, but sure is fun to watch. One more thing, I hate women’s softball.

This happens just about every year. There is early handwringing about the freshmen, but they use the growing pains to mature into good players by the end of the season and mesh well with older players on the team.

That’s something I noticed early with this team, and it has played out that way.