We Are Now 5-2, going Forward -----

We could win them all or we could lose most of them. We should win the last two, but they are on the road. That is never easy in the SEC and especially at Starkville for us. Taking care of business, that “should” make 7. Now, the next 3 are another animal. they will be difficult. Auburn seems to have it together and is playing very good defense and it is on the road. I see it as a toss up. The two home games are against very strong SEC teams. Not sure what to make of LSU. They could be great. Just don’t know. FL has very good players and is well coached. Defense is their strength and we have not beaten them.

Do we win 0, 1, 2, or 3 of these next 3? That will go along way in determing the season. Win 1 and we go 8-4. Not bad really, but I want more. Just have to see how it plays out.