We are not in bad shape

both LSU & A&M lost today. Ole Miss/Kentucky was postponed but I don’t expect much from Kentucky. We have got to figure out our Saturday pitching! I don’t know if it is new pitchers, new pitching coach or what, but we need to be more consistent. We have Miss State next week-end and then Tennessee both at home and we need to win both series.

On the Saturday pitching, I wonder if we give Kosty a shot when he’s back.

Kosty is not a starter but a great reliever!

We got to hit and pitch better,this league too tough to not have reliable pitching and hitting and right now we are doing neither.

Wicklander would be my guess!
Today it didn’t help Noland for the first ball put into play to SS was thrown into the stands and the runner gets to second base! The dive on the fly ball to left field that went to the wall and the fly ball down the left field line that Martin ran into Franklin pretty much sealed today’s game. He is young and needs to gain experience.
Kosty needs to be in the bullpen.
Bunting with 2 strikes by Ezell for an easy K was pretty sad too! The players needs to flush these last 2 games and play ball!

Miss St and Tennessee coming to Baum will give the Hogs a chance to play at home for 2 weeks in a row. Then to Kentucky and home for LSU and back on the road to Texas A&M.

The hogs need to gain some steam and get hot! The Saturday stater has been an issue but the approach at the plate cost us last night! The hogs need to win tomorrow if the game is able to be played.

Taking advantage of chances to score is key and the hogs aren’t doing a good job right now!

If we could win today we would be fine
Getting a 3-3 split on back to back road series is nothing to be ashamed of

I just thinking winning today will be awfully tough

it will be hard to win unless our bats actually decide to show up…they are going to get 5-6 so we will have to hit much better than we have.

Agree with this, offense needs to wake up with the bats and better base running and give the pitchers a little breathing room.
Wicklander or whoever gets the nod on the mound today will need all the help they can get.