We are not in a good position for tomorrow

Campbell is going to have his best outing yet and our offense is going to have to quite striking out and hit the ball!!!
I don’t know how their pitching sets up for tomorrow, but Campbell is going to have to be the man!!!

Nope and nobody to blame but us

Can’t blame Perry Costello or any other umpire this time. Cole has to catch the foul ball. Or Shaddy. Somebody, please, reverse the tape and put that ball back up in the air! I can’t think of a team that has come that close to closing out a series and failing do so the next night. It feels like 1985 Cardinals-Royals Game 6 in my mind except we did it to ourselves. Hopefully it will be like the Astros-Cardinals NLCS from a few years ago when Pujoils launched the ball that has yet to come down to quieten the Astro crowd, only to have Houston come back and win the series in St. Louis (IIRC).

Perry will be behind the plate tomorrow, but we are to blame. We blew this.

We blew it.

And unless they wake the hell up tomorrow and show up to play, we will get embarrassed.