We are losing the younger generation

Of Hog fans…if this low point in Razorback Football continues for another few years then it could have a long lasting effect on the future fan base. I have a 13 year old and he is sick of the misery at a very young age. I find him rooting for other teams because hog football weekends have been miserable. He got his first taste of real Hog heartbreak at the College World Series a few months ago. We went to game 2 and he witnessed It all in person. Hoping he get to witness the resurrection of Hog Football in the next few years.

I agree, my daughter who is 30 grew up a hog. Got bachelors degree at Fayetteville. Got married but got a divorce after a couple of years, went back to school to get her masters degree at Alabama wears more Alabama stuff than hog stuff . Frustrating for me.

and they will be right back if we ever get this turned around…everybody loves to be a winner,plain and simple.

In my house it’s Hogs on Saturday and Steelers on Sunday.

My 12 year old loves Big Ben and loves his Steelers. Hogs? He does not really care and asked me this year:

Have we ever beaten Alabama?

Have we ever been really good?


My 9 year old grandson wears Hog gear all the time including school where he tells Vol kids - go Hogs. And he lives in TN and only made his first trip to Arkansas last week. His stated goal in life is to play for the Hogs. He met Kareem Reid this summer and told him “I’ll see you in Fayettville someday when I’m a Hog”. Kareem cracked up. But I get everyone’s point.

Youdaman called it. Win baby and fans come out of the woodwork.

This has concerned me also as I have 4 children born in 1980’s and all attended games regularly from preschool until their high school years then sporadically and now not at all and don’t watch on TV unless I call and remind them. I live in west Tennessee and travel 6+ hours to Fayetteville and they as well as my wife and friends think I’m crazy for continuing to attend several games a year but I’m living off the memories and inspiration of the 60’s and 70’s. The younger generation has no memories of sustained success or nationally important games at seasons end.

People support a winner and competitive effort. Clemson is current example of how right people in right place with some luck can catch lighting in a bottle. Winning is hard in any sport and I am a Hawg fan but I root for Bama when not playing Hawgs because Saban is performing at a very high level that will most likely not be seen again. Bama will struggle to replicate his success after he leaves. Arkansas lost a great line coach and recruiter when Pittman left for Ga. I will root for Sam because he is also good at his trade. Colleges administration have to win to seal the deal with boosters , fans, team members and coaching staff/administration all pulling to be a community of believers and followers. Winning is hard, don’t ever want to lose that culture as hard to recapture.

My first game ever in Fayetteville as a 12yr old was against The Citadel. I love my hogs in the good times and the bad times. No one can take away from me the love I have for the Razorbacks. Let your 13yr old know it can only get better, and hold his head up high! Woo Pig Sooie for life!

My oldest daughter -
and her husband make all the football games home and road games. My grandson is 5 and he enjoys the games. He calls the hogs and wears his hog gear.
If it’s a win or a loss we are hog fans.
Weekday basketball games are to hard to attend but the weekend games he like in the Bud.
He really gets into the crowd Baum.
It’s how I was brought up, my kids were brought up and my grandkids are being raised. Being a hog fan demands is to be loyal and tuff out the detours. Theirs better days ahead have faith.

No, there is legit reason for doubt and serious concern. Administrative and coaching malpractice — and all the losing — has overwhelmed the fan base. Arkansas is a football laughingstock. All the while Bielema still cashes checks and Long got paid well. It’s disgusting. Guys like Long and Bielema and the PTB that let them keep running things had no idea what they were doing. No idea how important it was to the state of Arkansas to keep UA football nationally relevant. Now, it’s almost like we’ve received the death penalty. Including with the former SMU coach supposedly with expertise to get us out of it. What a joke. I admire you people who can continue the refrain that “it’ll all be fine — we’ll be back.” Nothing’s guaranteed with this incompetent bunch on the Hill. Nothing. If given the opportunity, the UA will screw things up. It’s the way it’s always been.

When you guys get my age you will realize who wins a football game is pretty insignificent.

This isn’t really an existential debate. I think we all understand the role of football games in the big scheme of life. And if it’s so insignificant to you, why do you pay to subscribe to this board?

I attended my first game in Fayetteville in 5 years for the Vanderbilt game. I was shocked at the lack of attendance and participation from the Student section. They had one of those big banners they were supposed to unveil at the beginning of the game, but there were not enough students in attendance to do it, so they took it away. Student section was about 30%-40% full.

Students set the tone for the crowd. If we lose student support, it is going to be difficult to build it back. The University better do something to get the students back involved.

I’m 74. When does that mindset kick in?

“Supposedly with expertise to get us out of it.”

Interesting - quite the step back from someone who may have been the biggest Morris proponent on this board just prior to and after his hiring.

You described him here as “ awesome” and “superb.”

Buyers remorse?


Not really. Maybe a twinge based on bad in game coaching. But I’m generally ok with Morris. My post is moreso directed at what occurred the past 6 years. I’m willing to give Morris and a Yurachek a chance. But it would not surprise me if they failed too. Failure seems to be endemic up there. Cultural.

For me, about 83. Maybe 2-10 sped the process.

What process? The process of aging? I agree with that. The frustration of Razorback football has prematurely aged me in recent years. No doubt.

I was raised on AR Razorback Sports & Dallas Cowboy Football during a time when both football programs came to prominence In the same era. As a youngster I often played imaginary football games alone in our front or back yard as the AR or Dallas QB. I’m just young enough that I don’t remember anything about the Hogs prior to late sixties when they weren’t relevant. Same goes for the Cowboys as 1960 or 61 was their 1st year.
1st Color TV in our household was bought specifically for the Game of the Century in 1969.

We have a generation now that has not experienced anything like the success of Razorback Football during the 60’s & 70’s. Its been sporadic at best since & slowly descended as of late.

Got ya - just remembered you were an enthusiastic supporter of CCM and this post got my attention.