We are looking for a coach to bridge

The gap between now and the next big hire. I don’t think HY is looking for the next coach to lead the program for 10-15 years. I think he is looking for someone to stabilize it and get it back to respectability. I think he is also looking for someone who knows how to build a program from the bottom up and get it on the right path for long term success. He will need someone who plays an exciting brand of football to help fill the Stadium. I want to win now as much as anyone but I would not spend 4-5 million per year on any coach at this point in our rebuilding process. We need to save our powder for life after Saban and Gus. I would spend 2-2.5 million for this hire and then go big after the program is back on solid footing. Why pay 4-5 million now? It doesn’t make sense. You might find a flash in the pan that could beat the big boys but it’s not likely. We just keep throwing good money after bad. I don’t like coaches contracts now and we need to be more responsible with our money. Finding a gap filler is the right thing to do for what we are going through at this time. It’s not about throwing in the towel or having a defeatist attitude. I am just not willing to give another coach 4-5 million per year to come here and average 5-6 wins per year over a 5 year contract. Just my two cents. If you’re asking me who I would hire…Holtz or Richt if they’d come for 2-2.5 million. You could incentivize a coach instead of giving him a blank check on salary. That might be another way around these ridiculous coach’s salaries and buyouts. My point is this…who could we hire that will beat Bama, LSU, and Auburn on a yearly basis? So why pay a coach a crazy salary to place 4th in a 6 horse race. Let’s save now and pay big after Saban, Gus, and Jimbo are gone.

Anybody that gets us back to respectability or better in 3-4 years at 2.5 mil a year in this league?
Even if that happens quickly, what do you do then - give said coach the long extension contract & hefty raise or say thanks your job is done & the big money goes to the next Fisher, Mahlzan, Saban type coach?

I’m more prone to reward the guy that gets us out of this deep pit.
Richt isn’t coming here for any 2.5 mil a year even if he was in top health, which he isn’t

Good points, but in my opinion, we need to load up the Brinks Truck and get it done right now.

The stop gap and bridge to the future approach never works, and I think that’s been the Arkansas approach for too long.

I disagree. I do not think that is the philosophy at all.

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That’s not a bad thought process. Actually very good

I fully he is looking for the guy he hires to be The GUY and not the guy who gets you to the next one.

Not the philosophy, but maybe should be - I believe he is saying

Yes…it should be. You are going to pay someone 20 million over 5 years for 26 wins. That is a terrible way to spend money. Pay someone 2 million per year and offer 500k for every conference win over 4. We must get a handle on coaches salaries and tie it to performance.

We have had mediocre coaches and poor coaches. We need better than that right now. Wasting money is foolish but most times you get what you pay for. I don’t want an average doctor, lawyer or coach. MHO

Yurachek said this week, and I agree, we can’t do this unilaterally. If we crack down on salaries, buyouts, etc., and everyone else doesn’t, we’ve sabotaged our chances of getting a good hire. They’ll go somewhere else with a big salary and a big buyout.

From Tom Murphy’s story:

“It has to be an industry-wide change. It can’t be one where Arkansas takes the lead on that per se or it’s going to hurt our candidate pool. I don’t see any significant changes in how we do our contracts, and we will pay what we need to pay to get the best person to take this position.”

Hunter’s career path is going to follow the path of this football hire. I can’t imagine he’d tie his future here to a coach who’d actually take this job for 2 or 2.5 (if there is such a person).

You are not going to get a coach that can win the Western Division of the SEC… we are pissing away good money on a stinking pipe dream. You will get a coach that might win 6-7 games in year 3 or 4 of a 5 year deal. Your gonna pay 20 million for that? I don’t get it. In my scenario the coach can still make 4 million per year or more by winning conference games. Stop paying good money for winning non conference games and 2-3 conference games per year. Nobody would run a business the way this one is being operated right now.

You would if you needed good people and all your competitors were paying them better than you. Either step up to the competition or get out of the game.

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The top programs are paying 7-10 million per year. Are we gonna Pay that? No, so what is the point of paying 4 million to come in 5th in the West?

Bridge? I don’t want no stinking bridge! Get the right guy and pay him what it takes! Thank goodness Hunter Yurachek is the one making this decision…

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So we should pay $1 million, come in last every year and have crowds of 25,000 in a 76,000-seat stadium? That’s false economy.

You are missing the point. Hire someone that plays an exciting brand of football to get fans in the stands but there is ZERO need to pay 4 million right now. Money does not guarantee success. Money does not cause people to work harder or become smarter. You can find someone just as good for 2 million as you can for 4 million. We could save 10 million over the next 5 years and have about the same amount of wins. Money is not the answer but I know I’m in the minority on this one. We need a good solid coach, nothing more.

I am also saying that you pay them incentives that gets them to 4 million or more. I don’t see the issue with what I am proposing other than it’s a change from the norm.

If you really think you’ll get just as good a coach for $2 million as you will for $4 million you’re delusional.

Incentives my man…they are a powerful tool that helps increase performance. Maybe we will get lucky after we spend another 40-60 million in guaranteed salaries and buyouts trying to become Alabama on a poor mans budget. I know our budget number is not poor but you get my point.

Incentives are not cool if I can go to another school and get paid 4 million.