we are going to wear Cronin out

no way he can keep throwing this much and then we really will be in trouble.

You may be right! Murphy has done it a lot. Cronin is effective but if he is used too much it would be trouble.

The young arms need to step up and be effective to help.

no doubt he also needs to get to where he can throw that CB more

Van Horn said today that Cronin is very good first time out on the weekend, not as good the second time. But, he said there are going to be times when he pitches twice on the weekend. It would help if someone like Reindl will step up as a set-up man like last year. The set-up man last year seemed to be Kevin Kopps. Some may forget that Kopps went down with (Tommy John) elbow surgery in the fall.

Yes I think he can come in 2 times for 1 inning…why its imperative that Reindl or Rammage/loeske step up late in the game…Breaking ball form Rammage totally shut down OM and probably will most teams I have been impressed with him because of that since the 1st time I saw him.