We are going to miss Drew Morgan's fire

Drew Morgan was ALL hog and loved this state and school. He was an emotional leader and probably the best in many years. Who is going to replace Drew Morgan’s fire?

Drew Morgan was a blessing for us. To think he was not recognized until the man in front of him got injured was
puzzling to me. He was my favorite and the most consistent receiver on that team. Cornelius will fill his spot nicely.

He was the definition of “a winner”. He played with a love and passion for the game. The dude was also talented…great hands and a knack for getting open. He was not fast, but he was quick and hard to guard. We will miss him.

I thought of him as a perfect receiver for New England. I am surprised he did not get signed by them. He fits their deal.

Sometimes it’s not until late in your second season that you are ready. Youth can hold you back. But, I don’t think there is any doubt that most thought there were more talented receivers on the team. They were all probably wrong.

We got two good seasons and a very bad Belk Bowl out of Drew. He really stepped up when we were desperate for a WR to do so in 2015. Had a very good senior year up until the bowl game. I’m not that concerned about losing his firey personality. I prefer more cerebral receivers that don’t hurt us by trying to do too much. I just hope we can find a steady sure handed WR who can get open and keep possessions alive.

He was probable my favorite Hog the last 2 years because of his passion and fire. I felt he was very intelligent and one game should not define you.



Certainly one of my favorite players in several years, he will be missed. The sad part is he hardly saw the field as a freshman and should have been redshirted. He would be one hell of a leader for this receiving crew and team this year.

You should have redshirted Drew as a freshmen. I understand that totally, but I bet he would not have returned for a fifth year. He was mentally ready for the next step.

I felt the same way until he spit on an opposing player. GHG!

I don’t agree with what he did in the bowl, but that should not define the rest of his Razorback career.

Other than that, how was the play, Mrs Lincoln?

cute but not a good parallel