We are getting hosed

The charge on barford was not a charge

Gave Barford 3 fouls in 11 seconds.

We would have lost, but its frustrating that you knew the refs would take over the game and they did.

The score wasn’t indicative of the game. I’m proud of the guys. It’s hard when everything you do is a foul and your best players get taken out of the game by the refs.

Yea, it was ridiculous. I was very encouraged by our performance. We got some ballers.

I honestly don’t know why some games are called this bad in college basketball. I watch NBA and college basketball and in NBA it’s no where near as bad as it is sometimes in college basketball. Any 50/50 calls went Kentucky’s way.

We make a good defense stop and cause the guy to run out bounds, it’s a no call. Barford attacks the rim, gets fouled makes the shot, refs call travel. Barford attacks the rim, guy moves under him, Barford gets called for charge. Barford tries to leave the play, Foxx pushes him he gets a technical. Then down the other end he gets called for a foul. I was just shaking my head at those key sequences that refs affected that really stopped our momentum. I like CMA, but you can’t allow refs to call games like that, he’s gotta get a technical there himself or do something to let them know they need to call the game fair.

The refs got their marching orders at half. UK in double bonus with 11 minutes remaining in the game. No chance we were going to hang around unless our guards went off.

I usually do not get upset with home calls but this was ridiculous. I got the feeling that someone said something to the refs at halftime about Arkansas getting too touchy. No team should get 19 more free throws than another team. These refs need to be held accountable. MA should have went off on them. I would have, it was too obvious that KY got away with way too much. Kids played hard.

Agreed. You can’t just sit there and go with the flow when your kids are playing hard and getting none of the calls. You can’t tell me we’re that much more aggressive than Kentucky.

Both Macon and Barford got undercut on made baskets in the first half. No calls. Then staring real hard at a UK guard 20 feet from the basket was a foul in the second half.

I tend to agree. But, he was getting after them pretty hard. It’s not his nature to lose his cool.

And on the few occasions he does his haters rip him for it.

Yea it’s a catch 22. To be honest I’m out of ideas what you can do when refs are doing that. Maybe he needs to do what he did against Florida a couple years ago and call out the ref at the press conference. I don’t know the one bald guys name, but he was the one that made most of the horrible calls against us. Worked out for us last time, that ref that screwed us in Florida not allowed to ref any games we’re involved in anymore.

I have never posted a negative comment about officiating - but that was INSANE! I played (and coached) the game of basketball enough to know what that kind of overtly biased and terribly called game does to your head…that was completely out of control - and they made certain we had no prayer.

That said…this team is WAY better than we’ve been in a while! We have 5-6 guards that can really ball - and now it seems Moses may be coming to life!

There’s serious skill on this club. I am hanging in there…I think we’re an NCAA tourney team for sure!

I can tell you we were out of position on many Kentucky possessions, leading to reach and grab fouls. And, when I take off my Hog-colored glasses, I saw Barford intentionally step on the UK player who drew the charge. Kentucky’s athleticism and quickness was more frustrating to Arkansas players than any ref whistles.

I agree with the athletes. I don’t wear red colored glasses but bottom line there were enough bad calls to get into the head of the players. I didn’t expect to win, just be competitive, that was taken away.

I tried several colors of glasses, but I still see Barford trying to step away from Briscoe, but as he was stepping away, he was pushed back. I believe refs saw the same, if they hadn’t Barford would have been called for fragrant foul.

You keep saying this, watch again the guy was still sliding his feet wasn’t even a charge

I can live with the double technical, the problems were the 2 other fouls called on Barford within those 11 seconds. First, that was not a charge on him, Briscoe slid over and was moving, I re-watched that particular play several times on dvr. There’s suppose to be an emphasis on freedom of movement for the offensive players, unless defensive player is firmly planted it’s suppose to be a blocking foul on the defensive player. The NCAA made a big deal about this a couple of years ago, I’m sure if they reviewed this play they would say it was definitely blocking on the defense.

Next, the call on the other end for Bam on an and-1 play was absolutely bogus. First, Barford didn’t even foul him, if he did he fouled him on the floor, way before he dunked the ball. And let’s just say somebody did foul him, then it was a foul on Thompson. I’ve attached a couple screenshots of the sequence. Can you explain how that’s a foul on Barford?

I absolutely agree with you PJ, I saw one of the ESPN guys tweet last night it was intentional and Arkansas was trying to Bully KY. I was wondering what game they were watching.

Now, on the Barford foul on Adebayo, he did foul him, the whistle blew before Bam went up after the ball. I know the announcers were pro KY, but they questioned that call. Barford actually grabbed him before he went up. Honestly, I thought the foul was on Kingsley or Thompson, when they both slid over to contest the shot (whoever 32 is). That’s when the whistle blew. Go back and watch. You’ll hear the whistle before Bam goes up. It was definitely on the floor, and the other angle they showed, Barford did foul him, but it was waaaay before the shot.

I totally agree with your take on Barford foul on Bam.