We are fried

Not a very good response to adversity tonight

Tough shooting night, Vandy is a tough adjustment for the visitors.

Having only 4 assists vs 10 turnovers, shooting 50% from the FT line, and going on a 7min scoring drought in the 2nd half is usually a recipe for disaster.

There is no excuse for any team to go 8 minutes without scoring.
It is ridiculous some of the things we did during that stretch

4 assists on 20 made FGs is putrid. We somehow forget how to share the ball on the road.

Not trying to be negative and sincerely would like to have some knowledgeable basketball person educate me why the switching defense that takes your big man 20 + feet away from the rim and frequent instances of leaving ones man for double teams is strategic and not just stubbornness.


Here ya go, Scott:

I eat crow in football, but it’s nice to see someone else (plural) eat those durn things. Better with catsup and hot sauce and some mustard, not much however.

Oh, don’t forget to pluck those feathers.

13:00 minute mark to 6:00…0 pts.
6:00 minute mark on…28 pts.

Pretty incredible. I’m going to keep posting in situations like these since it seems to work.

Great work by Dusty late with the shot not working.