“ We are fragile for some reason”

Bret’s postgame really inspires confidence. In year five with all of his kids, his program fully implemented , and he is on statewide radio talking about how fragile they are.

What a joke.

Jeff better send this guy packing tonight.

Heck I’ll come help load the moving van.

Really, after three straight losses in which we weren’t even in shouting distance what could he possibly say that isn’t going to get under the skin of the fans? It’s beyond me why anybody gives a darn about the postgame press conference.

I stopped watching his news conferences.
Nothing he can say that will make any difference. I’d like to see the hogs win a SEC game.

Link please

Don’t have one - It was during his post game chat he does with Chuck Barrett on the radio broadcast a few minutes after the game, not the presser he does with the assembled media.

Didn’t hear it but please tell me he didn’t say “we are close…”

Not in the chat with Chuck…BUT he did say it in the presser!