We are doing more with less

Team plays so stinking hard but it’s really tough to overcome no height, no Joe, and Whitt being off.

Effort is there, but I think we miss so many FT’s due to fatigue and/or mental block.

Couldn’t agree any more. THis coach and their effort gives them a chance to win any game. Unfortunately our lack of elite talent is why we can’t get over that hump. We have really good players. Some elite. Not enough. I think this team can get to the dance if it finds more offense. Whitt dropping a goose egg tonight is just not what we need. Gotta find some offense.

What about those bricked free throws in the first half? Those are just as darn bad! Bailey bricked 2 that weren’t close!
While the effort is there and the fight it’s just a shame to kill the Mo in Bud and stall your offense early and allow an opponent to come back when your taking poor shots! That’s the darn issue! Don’t stop running your offense.
If Whitt isn’t going to take an open shot late game when he’s not rolling sit his rear end on the bench. He caused that late shot clock 3 from Bailey and then fouls 90 feet from the basket. Whitt just didn’t show up tonight.

Here lies the stat of the game.
Auburn 21/30 free throws.
Hogs. 16/26.

The problem is we don’t have very good shooters with exception of two. Unfortunately 1 is on the bench and the rest of the team… All are playing their guts out. I couldn’t be more proud of the effort.

It really is impressive we had a chance to win this game. I don’t want to knock these players because they are playing their hearts out but there’s a reason Mason had 40 points.

On a side note, Desi was very efficient. Needs more touches moving forward with Joe out. We know what Whitt is capable of but never made it out of the locker room tonight.

Once Whitt missed a few shots he just stopped looking for his shot. He failed to even get to the free throw line! That tells you all you need to know. He passed the ball to Bailey late shot clock and was part of the reason Bailey took that 3! He just don’t have a good night.
Mason played his tail off. Desi passed up a lot of shots. Desi was 4/5 from 3!
Harris was 0/5 from 3.

Jones made the pass to Bailey I thought.

No it was Whitt. The ball went from Jones to Harris to Whitt and them to Bailey. It was about only time on offense Whitt has the ball.
There were a lot of play in this game where the whistle blew and took points away from our hogs. The no call for goal tending when Harris put the ball up it hit the back board and Auburn got credit for a block.
The foul on Henderson where he had an offensive rebound and put the ball i. Hole and they called a foul on Henderson. The charge on Mason Jones he was being ride like a mule with no call until the charge. The foul on Sills on the block that gave up points. Of course we fouled players taking 3’s - 3 times. We fouled 90 feet from the basket. And we missed 10 free throws. So I guess we deserved to get beat.

I think from the time he got his shot blocked from the back, he played scared stiff. His shot is Very blockable from the back. I have been wondering when that would happen. It happened tonight.

He just disappeared. That’s not going to get it done.

Whitt did not have a good game last night, but has had a very good year.

The Razorbacks would likely have several more losses if he had not made the decision to return.

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