We are a good team, but I have now lowered my expectations

I know it’s still early, I’m not giving up on the Hogs, but I’m concerned with not only out Sat and Sun starters, but our bull pen is not pitching well at all. The last count I heard today was OM had 28 base runners. That was back in the 7th inning. I don’t know what it ended up with but that is not good pitching. Maybe I’m wrong and OM is just a very, very good offense. I believe that OM had a lead off runner in every inning after the 1st??? Way too many walks given up.
Another lost series to OM!!! At home no less. That hurts.
Now we go to Auburn and then Vandy. My expectations aren’t good for either series.
Again, i know it’s early, and I’m cautious about making judgements on this series alone, but they didn’t look like a team that can go into Auburn and Vandy and win more than 2 out of 6. Hope I’m wrong! But there has got to be some improvement in our lineup and pitching staff.

This was worse than a bath full of ice water.
I hate Ola Ms!

We are good on Friday night or the first night of any SEC series after that it’s hope and pray, could see that coming after the Friday win, OM had to many sticks.

Ole Miss can hit but what’s up with these walks?? DVH looked pissed postgame. I’m sure he’s gonna start sitting folks who can’t throw the ball over the plate. Unfortunately, that’s a bunch in our pen.

The difference in Arkansas and a lot of the other upper-tier teams in the SEC this year is experience. Arkansas just does not have a lot of players with very much experience playing in the SEC. There are maybe seven guys who were really depended on last year, plus Kevin Kopps from the year before. There are 27 players on a weekend roster.

Ole Miss is probably one of the two or three most experienced teams in the conference from a lineup perspective and that was a big difference in the game today. They were patient, waited for their pitch and didn’t chase pitches. They probably should have won by 10 or more runs today but squandered a lot of opportunities.

It was also a big deal that Jacob Kostyshock couldn’t throw. If he’s healthy, he might shut that lineup down for a few innings and it’s a different game going into the late innings. There were a couple of pitchers who threw today who would not be throwing in a tight weekend game under an ideal scenario.

Ole Miss is a very good baseball team.

Ole Miss was given the win Saturday and had a gift given to them today with all of those walks!
This pitching staff just needs to gain some experience and strength. Getting beat stinks but it may open their eyes up and make them work harder.
What pitcher had surgery a few months ago?

I agree. I think the staff is a year away and I’m a bit concerned with the everyday lineup being so left handed. I guess the one or 2 positives from a disappointing weekend were that Campbell continued to show that he may have figured it out, and Martin seems to be waking up. We need the big 3 to carry us for a week or 2 until hopefully the staff rights the ship.

We can’t afford for Kopps, Wicklander and Kosty to be ineffective/unavailable, particularly since we have a Saturday starter that gets such a quick hook.

We LOST the game Saturday! Not sure what you were watching!..