We are 6 point underdogs to the Ags

That’s the early line. I guess it could change a little. That’s what we we were against Texas, too.

it is just a line to move money to Vegas favor, no home field so no 3 point compensation. Unfortunately, darn aggies are just as fanatical as us even in Dallas

It will be a good atmosphere.

Hopefully, the Aggie band will have Covid covers (mufflers) on their instruments like the Hog band uses. They will be loud regardless and get on my nerves. Too many bad game memories punctuated by their songs, constant standing, chants, and crap. Just need to win and shut them up. GHG

That band won’t stop playing. Wonderful and such a treat to watch. They have too many weird traditions for me. But I will tell you that an Aggie thinks all traditions are great, even those of the other team. I don’t suppose they are like that until they go to school there. Surely no one grows up like that. It happens to them after they get to school. But an Aggie can talk to you about their traditions and your traditions and like them both.

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Not a marching band person but I never missed the Aggie band halftime show. They are beyond good.

I have stated several times I have many Aggie friends. It is the nature of my career. Most sort of laugh at some of the traditions and things they do now that they are older. They say you had better take them serious while there, and I think they still enjoy them. They are especially proud of the band as well they should be.

One thing for certain is that they are proud to be Aggies and they love their school. They hate UT and love us for what we did 2 weeks ago.

I have always admired them for their support and love. For the most part, they are really good people and light years better than the orange ones to their east.

Just a note about the school and its enrollment. They have a large percentage of foreign students, especially post graduate. they usually could care less about all of this. It causes some concern from the local students I gather, but it is $ for the school as if they need that.

Oh yes, the biggest football crowds in Texas are at Kyle Field. All that matters about that is that it is greater than DKR.

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There’s a chance the game will be similar also. On the surface, the spread looks about right for the #7 (#5 in coaches poll) team playing the #16 team. I don’t think the Aggies will wilt like the Horns after getting punched in the mouth at the start of the game, but they may be startled a bit. I look for a 3-10 point game. Hopefully, it’s 10 with the Hogs on the right side of the scoreboard.

BetMGM has Aggies -5.5 this morning.

I’d take Hogs by 10 if in Fayetteville. Can’t wait til this contract is over

The spread will be bigger if we have 2 OL starters out

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