We are 3-3. We could still have a good season

I am here to offer some optimism. God knows the world needs some. Including Hog fandom -world.

Yes, we are 3-3. We have fallen out of the top 25. And we should be 4-2…if not for a couple of bad mistakes and an improbable FG miss. Yes, our secondary probably feels like they have been in an actual, military battle. And we need a healthy KJ.

All that said, let’s all remember we lost 3 last year and bounced back.

We should have KJ and Slusher back next week, then an open date.

I am watching BYU right now. They are beatable. They are a good team. But not as good as the team we played today.

The defensive scheme Pittman described in the post game presser as being what they had hoped to do today is probably a good compromise scheme–accenting what we CAN do (rush the passer featuring Drew) but limiting man-to-man coverage (which other than Nudie and Slush we cannot do). We won’t shut anyone down. But we might play better.

We have a RB that is blossoming into a GREAT back., Not good. Great.

And we have all of our difficult remaining games, save BYU, AT HOME.

I think we can still win 8. Maybe even 9.

Let’s all recognize that if we punch the ball in today from the one yard line, we score 31. If we make 2 INT’s that were IN OUR HANDS who knows how close the game could have been.

All without the best player on either team. KJ Jefferson.

And…and this shocked me… we gained 483 yards today. Yes they gained 565. But that is NOT a huge disparity.

I think we can still have a good year!


9-3 would indeed be a heck of a year at this point. I like the optimism.

Cincinnati 5 - 1 now. With our crazy schedule 8 - 4 would be an awesome record.


We can beat BYU. That’s 4-3.

As bad as Auburn is, they will get up for that game. Knowing they can beat us and they have a good front seven. Idk if those players want to keep Harsin or not, but if they do I see them winning that game.

Liberty should be a win. That’d be 5-4 .

LSU is a tossup. One week they look fantastic and the next week they look dreadful. If we catch them on a dreadful week we could blow them out. If they are prepared and needing a victory we may lose. I’ll say we win. 6-4.

Ole Miss. Weird things always happen in this game. I’m glad we are catching them that late in the year. They’ll be looking ahead to the Egg Bowl. It might be 35 degrees at kickoff. We win. 7-4.

Mizzou in the finale. Gotta win that one because they are bad. If we take care of business we should absolutely win this game.

8-4 again would be phenomenal. I could see us splitting the LSU and OM games which wouldn’t be that big a deal. Just a lesser tier bowl game if we go 7-5.

We absolutely can not lose to Auburn again. Period. We have been screwed to death against them the last 2 years.

Glad we are stepping out of conference next week against a ranked BYU. Not impressed tonite with their performance against a bad Notre Dame team.


I’ll be happy with 7 wins, ecstatic with 8. It appears that the rebuild is going to take a little bit longer. I believe in Coach Pittman! WPS!


3 more wins?


Good season or that was expectation through spring and summer?

Depends on context. Was 6-6 considered a good year in the summer when everyone was healthy? No.

However, if back in the summer you would have told me that in our first six games we would lose Catalon and Bishop for the year, that Slusher would miss three games, and that KJ would miss one game, I would have said a 3-3 record would be about what we should expect.

Even with all that I described in the last paragraph, we’re one win off where I thought we would be now. Preseason, I thought we would lose to Alabama and either A&M or State.

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Had us 4-3 after 7 games, but a win against MSU and loss in Provo. Hope we can get it done next week.

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I’m a perma 7-5 predictor. That seems to be what I predict for my Hogs every year, and that’s what I see now. However, it’s been awhile since we were last 7-5. I think 2015 was the last time we finished the reg at 7-5. Then we won the Liberty Bowl. I see some similarities developing between those seasons. If past performance is predicate, I’m probably wrong though.

BYU is a good team. But nowhere near as athletic as we face every week in the SEC. I believe this is a rare week where we can utilize some of our more athletic skill players against BYU. We can win this game, especially with KJ in the starting lineup. As an aside, I like what I saw from Hornsby yesterday. His talent is raw, but is there. He would be well served working as second string qb the rest of the season and some private skill instruction over the off season would do him a lot of good. Hope we can keep him.

Ok, I know I’m gonna catch heck for this, but….

BYU can throw over us, and with Odom coaching like he’s back at Missery. BYU wins by two TD’s. 3-4

AUB is not a good team, but they have better coaches and players. 3-5

Liberty - they’ll be up, we will be down. 3-6

LSU is slightly better than AUB, and we will lose to AUB. 3-7

Ole Miss is just too good this year. 3-8.

The boosters and fans want Odom back at Mizzou. The Mizzou players don’t and they’ll send a message showing that. 3-9.

Then Odom is gone (THANK GOD, dude absolutely sucks as a DC). And Briles is gone (PAC 12 anyone).

Then maybe Sam will have a chance to win some games with the talent we have. If not, a lot of people will start clamoring for the Morris years.

Start clamoring for no P5 wins and no SEC wins?

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Of the last six teams Arkansas will play, Ole Miss is the only one that I don’t feel good about the Razorbacks’ chances of beating. I wouldn’t predict Arkansas to go 5-0 in the other games, but I wouldn’t be surprised by it either. All of those teams have flaws, too.


KJ is not better than Rogers.

I would clamor for clams before I clamor for Chad, and I can’t stand the slimy, smelly shell dwellers!

8-4 or 9-3

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South Carolina was staring at 0-3 in conference going into their bye week having to go on the road to Kentucky…Rattler is a disappointment, Beamer is in trouble, etc… and they have to finish up with TAM, Mizzou, Vanderbilt, Florida, TN and Clemson…they may not even make a bowl…oh wait they beat Kentucky on the road and now are 4-2 going into their bye week…things can change week to week and a season can change in the blink of an eye


Every Hog fan need’s to read your post, thanks. Not everyone will agree, but we have a lot of football left and our team & coaches need our support to rally and get back on track. WPS