We always dwell.....

On the kids that got away. Let’s thank the young men who signed with Arkansas in the class of 2019. This is a pretty amazing group and I’m pumped to have them represent our state and the University of Arkansas. Welcome to our family new Razorbacks!

Our coaches did a great job and they should be congratulated too.

A great step in the right direction.


I agree

It’s a breath of fresh air! CCM made a comment yesterday “If I have to beg you to be a Razorback then I’d have to beg you to play on 3rd down”. I want players that want to be here. This is by far the best class we’ve had in years. Length and speed that it takes to make plays both on offense and defense.
Welcome and thank you to all of the new razorbacks!
Win and it will be easier to recruit. Fayetteville is a beautiful place compared to most of the dumps the other SEC schools are located especially A@M!

My sentiments exactly.

I posted a few days ago that if we signed Hudson, Treylon, and Jalen and didn’t sign any of the other 4, I would still be happy. However, if we signed 6, but didn’t sign just one of those 3, then I would be a bit bummed. So, we got those 3 plus Spivey, so I think we did great.

that so many people were so mad about. Lots of good players, really remarkable CCM did that after a few weeks on the job.

I love this 2019 class. I can’t remember ever signing this many 4 stars. and as we’ve covered ad nauseum, CBB had some classes with 4 stars but lots of attrition/lack of development/misevaluation, etc made them poor classes.

So I’m very optimistic about the future of our program. Love lots of players in this class. I think Treylon Burks could be our next DMAC. I really think that if he lived around dallas or atlanta, he’d be a solid 5 star. That game against Arkadelphia…wow! what a stud.

My son starts Fayetteville this fall, can’t wait to get season tickets and watch us climb back to good football!


I like that news. I know you are looking forward to being on campus while
your son is a student, special.