We all know the answer to our problems is recruiting

It was so evident yesterday as I watched our game and the Alabama-Old Miss and Auburn-Mississippi State games. This year’s team is certainly a better team than last year…the reason is the new studs like Treylon Burks, Mataio Soli and even Nick Starkel and Ben Hicks. Better players give us a better chance to win.

We are going to start winning some…we just don’t know if it is this year or not. It would have been huge to upset the Aggies, but we lacked that last winning play. Man, how close we were.

Treylon Burks is such a talent. He is the poster boy for Chad Morris. Chad can say to other recruits…come here and be a star and a hero. He is a great athlete with a great demeanor. He is a rare one with ridiculous ability and one of those kids who just makes a great play goes back to the huddle and gets ready for the next play. No chest bumping or showing off. He is old school.

Unfortunately, Alabama has 3 guys playing receiver similar in ability to Treylon…all 3 being NFL prospects like our Treylon. It must be easy to get lost in all the talent at Alabama or even Auburn, but here at Arkansas, Chad can sell the advantages we have, and I bet he does. He may not be the coach some of us want, but he can right the ship if he can recruit. We should have, could have beaten the Aggies yesterday because of our skilled players. The Aggies don’t have a Treylon Burks, a Trey Know, a Rakeem Boyd or a Cheyenne O’Grady. Morris has done a job there, but he has got to get the linemen and linebackers.

We look to be a year or two from really being back in the game in the SEC with enough guys to play with anyone. I am not a patient man, but I, along with many other Hog fans really have no choice. Bite the nail in half and move forward.

agree recruiting is key for now. however this coaching staff has to figure out a way to win games they should win which isn’t many.

i would like to know how many quality control assistants we have compared to bama and such. what experience do they have if we have any. former head coaches, or coaches with experience in either side of the ball

treylon is the real deal. need more like him. we have to build depth. one concern this year recruiting wise is offensive linemen, ones that can really play and develop, defensive tackles, linebackers, running backs and safeties. that’s pretty much across the board now that i look at it. another year in the weight room will help all of these youngsters. especially injury wise.

nothing i would like better than to see three offensive linemen that are just flat good, mean, and have good feet. we need more size on offensive line. its the trenches in the sec. we need more men period on both sides.

Wholeheartedly agree with your post. Unfortunately, you have to have SEC talent at all 22 spots. I’d say we’re pretty close, but it’s pretty clear we are missing a few key positions. Burks is definitely going to be an All-Razorback type of player before he’s done here. Its so obvious.

Talent is the key to get where we want to be, but losses like the one to SJSU are completely unacceptable and really hurt his efforts to rebuild this thing.

He has to find a way to get this team over the finish line in an SEC game. Bert’s 0-14 SEC start is looming and that’s a record best left unbroken. Otherwise, selling the future becomes much more difficult.

I will say I was in Auburn for Petrino’s first SEC win. I’ll be in Lexington and hope to see Chad’s first up there.

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Recruiting will be key to CCM or any HC turning the Arkansas program around and he’s done a good job with this freshman class when it comes to WR’s, but his focus has to now focus on both lines of scrimmage. I suggest that all of you take a look at the depth chart of Alabama, Auburn and LSU and compare the glaring difference in average weight that they have on both lines of scrimmage compared to what we have with our depth chart. I’m not talking about star ratings, we know they have better talent, but just raw size.
Size has to be addressed and hopefully our underclassmen will be able to pack on much needed good weight before next season with nutrition and weight room training.

Go Hogs

You need 30 more players that have SEC speed and ability. Some of those not playing now that just aren’t quite ready are among that number. I know that Hudson Henry and Jalen Catalon are going to be ready soon and will help. They have not been disappointments as far as ability. Just have to learn everything and this open week is big for both of them.

How many would you say we have on the team now, both playing and redshirting clay?

I do not have a handle on that number. Not enough is what I’d say. But more now than 18 months ago.

vague answer but i know you don’t want to be critical. you gotta deal with these coaches, we don’t. i guess i was trying to get at how much further we need to get to reach that number. 1,2, 3 recruiting classes. What positions are sorely lacking in speed right now? across the board? haven’t even addressed ability, gosh we could still be a long long ways away from reaching that goal.

and you say speed and ability, is that the entire roster, or just speed at running back, linebacker, wide outs, corners and safeties, defensive ends. or does that include better than average speed for defensive tackles, offensive linemen, tight ends, and qbs?

i think at least 2 more recruiting classes at least as good as last year, but last years class surely helped. we have to start winning some games. selling playing time and rebuilding this thing will only go so far when dealing with recruits. they want to go to bowl games, etc, They want to win.

to pick your brain a bit more, how many quality offensive linemen and defensive tackles, then defensive ends does a team need? ill throw in safeties and linebackers hoping you’ll answer.

I don’t worry about what anyone thinks about me at this point in my career. Really I don’t. And I wasn’t trying to be vague. You want a number, but I am not sure I can accurately give you that number.

It’s not so much how many recruiting classes it’s going to take. The young players already here need to develop. You will see true freshmen help in the next class.

But it’s more about developing these last two classes, than saying they need two or three more. I don’t believe that’s the case. I think one more good recruiting classes will make a big difference, but you have to grow some of the young linemen up in the weight room.

I like the defensive ends. That’s the kind of speed and ability they need. Keep adding safeties, linebackers and corners.

I really like Knox, Burks, TQ Jackson. Haven’t seen enough of Nash to know, but I do know that you have to get faster at receiver and cornerback.

As far as what has been on display in practice of the young ones, it’s not been much.

In talking with assistant coaches before the season (the only time they’ve been available since the spring), they all thought they were 100 percent hits on the last recruiting class and there are signs that is true. You just don’t get to see young linemen.

I see more speed with this team, but they need burners. That’s what I think is the key. You need to sign speed and then develop it.

I think you will see development from the entire roster going forward. Strength helps speed. Playing in the SEC helps confidence with the young ones.

I see a team that plays a little faster in year two of a system, too.

I bet you see players like Knox and Burks (and others) who are much better in year two with another year in the weight room. But you need more just like them.

well that at least gives me some hope, light at the end of the tunnel.i was thinking 2 more at least recruiting classes and develop what you’ve got.

defensive end and receiver were priorities last year and i think they filled those needs.

this year, safeties, corners, linebackers, tight ends and running backs seem to be the biggest need but i remember you saying, you always recruit those stud defensive tackles everyone is after and offensive linemen, especially tackles.

thanks for the insight.