WCB. Miss St @ Hogs

Rough start missing 3 out of 4 free throws and stone cold from the field. Down early 12-1

Unfortunately a reoccurring theme this season. Contributing is the horrible shot selection and defense. Neighbors needs to be canned

We are not a good fundamentally sound basketball team, not even close

1 out of 6 at the free throw line.
Down 25-6
End of the 1st quarter
Hogs 9
MooU. 25.

Miserable start. Haven’t been good from 3, at the rim or from the free throw line. Defense better pick it up.

Can we just forfeit…?

Not just no but heck no. They can get back in it but they have to play defense.

They’re a team that has to rely on that three-pointer and if they’re hitting that they can play with a lot of folks but if not they can’t play with many folks. Come on girls get it going

We seem to get worse as the season progresses… we just run down court and jack up a 3, which we miss most of the time …then just watch them run an actual offense

What’s the latest word on Sasha Goforth?? is she going to be with the team or is she officially gone??

Still medical no word if she intends to come back next season for sure.
The hogs got a steal missed a layup and fouled! Missed a shit close to the rim that’s the story of the game. Missing at the rim and first quarter missing free throws. At least in the 2 nd quarter they made the free throws.
Lack of making shots at the rim is contagious!
They did have a little run but failed to keep getting stops.
Hogs 30
Moo U 49

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They just miss too
Much at the rim and don’t have a player that finished through contact. The missed free throws hurt in the first quarter but if they make half it the shots at the rim they would be within a few points of Moo U.

Sasha’s medical issues are tough. Don’t expect her to play again. Pray I’m wrong.

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Wow!! What is she dealing with?? We miss her!! She played with a different attitude than most everybody else.


It’s a debilitating stomach condition called gastroparesis. Sad.

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Yeah that doesn’t sound like something that’s going to go away real soon… Praying for her,she is a great kid and had a bright future.

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We have worked our way right back in this game!! Down 13 with about 8 minutes left let’s see if we can play enough defense to get some stops and stay hot on offense

notice that when we shoot a three…as soon as the shot is done…we turn and start running down court to play defense…seems like very little or no effect to go for the rebound…i still support Mike…but like the other Mike we had for the men i don’t see any staff shakeups to emphrasize(?)defense and blocking out…hope im wrong but as of now…dont think we deserve to be even in the WNIT,have lost 8/9 of last 10/11

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The ladies failed to come out to open the game with the same fight as they had in the second half.
They failed to make free throws in the first quarter
1-6. They missed at the rim and couldn’t buy a basket.
The second quarter was better but couldn’t get enough stops to make head way. They had possessions a few times done 14 but couldn’t make the play to
Out true game pressure on Moo U. TO’s and fouls

Yeah you can’t fall down by 28 and win too many…

You can’t miss free throws and continue to jack up 3’s when they aren’t falling and miss at the rim and think you’re going to have a chance to win.
It didn’t help there were fouls called when clearly the call went against the player with inside position. It wasn’t as close as the final score. Poor defense and failure to get the right players shots. Barnum started the game with a TO dribble from the top of the key toward the rim and you was a no show the entire first half. This isn’t the way the ladies played early in the year.