WBB: LA Tech got a good one from Lonoke

Keep an eye on her - this gal consistently outplayed Chrystyn Williams of CAC (UConn commit; #1 recruit in USA) in head-to-head matchups. Knows how to score. LA Tech the only D-I school that offered.

Signon required: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.arkansasleader.com/articles … noke-star/”>https://www.arkansasleader.com/articles/la-tech-steals-lonoke-star/</LINK_TEXT>

Any reason we would overlook her? Sounds like a lot of other D1 schools overlooked her as well. What is missing in this picture?

I didn’t know there was anyone that took the National Player of the Year to school, but even harder to believe that same player just had one offer.