WBB: Arkansas women open season in Pine Bluff (Preview/Stream Link)

I wrote a preview for today’s WBB season opener at UAPB:
UA women open season in Pine Bluff

Stream link: https://uapblionsroar.com/watch/?Archive=296&type=Live

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It sounds like our women might have their hands full.

Sucks it’s not for free. Stupid of us to play them w no tv or internet free access

There is also the option listen to the Razorback Sports Network radio call on the Razorbacks app.

Arkansas is leading 42-17 at halftime. Saylor Poffenbarger has 11 points.

Arkansas won 70-50.

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Matt do you know anything about the brouhaha with the WBB team and Twitter, I think it’s all been erased now because I can’t find anything but apparently, some of the ladies and even Neighbors attacked someone on Twitter and it was supposedly a bad look for the program. This is all coming from Razorback Twitter so you know, a giant grain of salt is needed.

I’m not the best to ask about what goes on social media. I have it, but I don’t follow players.

But from the looks of it, someone made a tasteless comment about Jordan Walsh’s baldness, someone responded with another comment that looped Rylee Langerman into the thread, and her teammates and Neighbors responded in their defense. Both have alopecia.


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