Ways to get beat.

Having the wrong players handle the ball!
Missing free throws!
Wrong people taking shots!
Failing to feed the big man down low!

I’d say the hogs accomplished all of these things in fashionable colors in a losing effort.

Add calling a timeout down 3 and let the defense set up and then you not get a shot off but accomplish a turnover. Losing plays.

Also standing around at the end of the game.

Yes. This team doesn’t know how to win. As long as Gabe and Adrio handle the ball and kill possessions out high they are screwed. Losing this game is just plain stupid. Poor effort and poor use of players.

I would add having 2 shooters on the one entire team. That is the problem. We can’t score. Gafford gets his most of time, Joe and Jones are it. We have a PG who is fast and makes assist but is horrible from outside. Because of the past 5 years, Mike gets to come back next season, but losing Gafford, we better find some scorers. Macon, Barford, Hannah’s, even Ant Bell would be welcome on this team.

The PG is good at driving in and getting his shot blocked. He isn’t an answer against good completion yet! he walked again tonight. This was just a bad game. Youth making losing plays.

Wow, that’s pretty harsh considering TT is #14, a ten point favorite and Hogs playing them at their house. This Hog team is growing up and will be a tough out in February. TT has a very good defense that the game plan attacked and players just didn’t make enough plays offensively, even though they had some good looks. Hogs played better tonight than I thought they would.

Love the effort we gave especially on the road…we’re just so limited offensively I never really thought we would pull it out…

The hogs had every chance to win just could not take care of the chances to score in the first half. Between the turnovers and wrong people ha sling the ball. You can have effort and not play smart and that’s what happens! Chaney played 12 minutes.

This will look different tomorrow, we played hard and got beat by a top 15 team on the road ! I’ve not been a big supporter of MA but I thought we did pretty well considering Gafford played about half the game. We certainly had opportunities to take this game over but youth kept rearing its ugly head and we expended a lot of energy the first half and we look tired at times the last 3 minutes of the game. We have to recognize that our D has turned the corner in my opinion, our half count and press have both improved dramatically or we would have been blown out today. I continue to believe we cannot and will not be a consistent team playing this style of ball even though we did look better. WPS

Harsh. Did you see Gabe handling the ball in transition and dribble the ball out of bounds? Did you see Adrio get doubled out high and throw the ball away for a dunk by TT? I could add to the head scratching plays and where the ball was. Youthful teams make mistakes but they played harder and committed stupid mistakes. That’s the truth. Can’t make free throws.
Gafford took and made 7 shots. That’s the exact number of shots that Adrio and Gabe combined to take! Add in their turnovers and what do you have a loss!

On the road with a very young team and no real team leader where it’s needed, at the guard position.
TT had a chance to run away with it midway thru the 2nd half and a 12 point lead. But our guys fought back to get in it. Some of that was coaching and the rest was just desire by the players.
We shot FT’s good till the end.
TT shot 52% on 3 pointers & 51% overall. geeze.
We shot 21% on 3 pointers and our best shooter was off the whole game. Even Harris and Gabe made one.

I said it yesterday Isiah needs to be hot and we need to shoot in upper 30% on 3 pointers, he wasn’t, we didn’t, but that’s basketball.
Tough environment for Freshmen to play in.

I thought effort superb

You think “wrong people slinging the ball” had anything to do with the best defensive team in the country hounding our primary shooters and leaving shots for other guys—I was very pleased with our game tonight

C’mon man. You act like we were the #14 team playing at home and favored by 10. I guess it’s easier to bitch than to see the growth. Gabe and Adrio don’t have near the talent of the freshmen on the team but they will have to do until Chaney figures it out (and he will soon, you can see it happening) and until we have another big to sub when Gafford gets in foul trouble.

After playing this many ball games they should not be “young” anymore. You have a supposedly have a first round NBA pick and he gets 6 shots the entire game!

Pretty sad! Poor post passing by the team.
You shouldn’t have to tell a kid but once not to touch a hot stove but once especially once they get burned. Poor basketball IQ for this team as a group!

It would be nice to see Henderson get some of those minutes when Gafford is in fouls trouble. We all know what to expect out of Gabe and Adrio.

Im at that point to. Put Henderson in the game with the pressure on. He looks excited to play when he is in mop up duty. (Which isn’t much). He’s a heck of a cheerleader on the bench. Very highly recruited, probably the highest of that class. I know he is rail thin but that’s not always a show stopper.
If he is in the dog house, heck let him out, remove the chain & turn him loose. May be very surprised or may be just meh, stay on the bench.
What do we have to lose at this point?

I’m sure CMA has his reasons for not subbing Henderson. He has far more info on him than we do since he sees him in practice everyday.