Way, way, way too early

projected field of 64 from Baseball America.

Yes it is way to early. I hope the hogs can play their way to host a super! But there’s a lot of work to do.

Anyone making bowl projections yet? :smiley:

Not me!

As the season goes along, I’m hoping that these things work themselves out and we end up being a top 8 seed and Texas is in the second 8 to host, and we are paired with their regional.

In other words, I’d like to have Bevo’s butt back in Baum for games that count. I have little doubt what the outcome of that Super would be, and it would be soooooooo satisfying.

It’s not even fun spanking them any more. I don’t care if we meet them again this year or ever.

Had we not given the second game away by a single run the other night, I might agree. As it is, I just want to wash the “last time we played them Texas won the game” out of my mouth.

Nah . . . on second thought, I’l ALWAYS enjoy whipping their butts. Can’t get enough of it. I know other teams/games may be bigger - especially conference games - but I just enjoy the #*!$!@& out of beating them and seeing them whimper off the field. In this sport, at least, the tables have turned (at least for the present).

One thing is for sure, if we were to meet texass at BWS, the ticket scalpers would be in heaven.

Switching fields…Sat 9-11-21 @ Razorback Stadium. Yep, that’s the date. :sunglasses: