Way too much negative thinking for this game in this tourney

We lost the 2nd game by double digits in the SEC Tournament in 1994. All we did do was go to the real tournament and win the National Championship game.

Not saying we will win the National Championship (It’s still possible though). Just saying, our ultimate goal is still in reach.

Muss and this team will be just fine. Muss will use this “egg layin’ game” for ultimate motivation for next Thur/Fri. Just like Nolan did.


should make the sweet 16

further? maybe

getting away from SEC refs will help


Getting away from SEC TEAMS will help. A lot.


A&M is on a mission, and everything is falling their way right now. All of their bad shots seemed to go down, all the loose balls bounced their way, etc.

When history is written, there won’t be any mention of this game – what matters is the regular season and the NCAA tournament. We had a great season. Now, on to the tournament.


I agree 100%, but the staff and team ain’t real ‘positive’ about it either I would imagine right now. It’s a normal response. We as fans and the team will move on eventually from this….whatever it was.

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no, getting away from SEC refs WILL HELP, A LOT

they are by far the worst group of refs among the major conferences

zero consistency from game to game…it’s beyond frustrating

that said, Arkansas needs a break and a push of the reset button

If A&M is in March Madness, isn’t there that much more money to distribute at seasons end?

Simply don’t see a sweet 16 unless Notae and Williams’ play improves significantly. Believe they both have been reading some press clippings. Neither played anywhere close to All SEC performers today.

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I don’t disagree with that. I just don’t think we will see anybody in The Dance that is better than who we’ve already played…and beaten.

well, yeah, they both will have to play better

they’re capable of much better

plus, we won’t face the level of athleticism like we see in SEC every nite

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Flush it it’s over.
Get ready for the dance.


I’m guessing we will see a double team trapping of our G’s and high post man every minute of every game now. Thank you Will Wade for that parting gift.

We have to figure it out.

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a 1 game setback

need to find ways to get Umude and Toney more good shots within the offense

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I think we can still make a deep run in the NCAA. If…JD and Jaylin stay out of foul trouble and if JD finds his shooting touch. We simply don’t have enough good shooting if JD shoots it terribly. That may sound like an oversimplification…and God knows I hardly ever oversimplify anything. Usually I err the other direction…overanalyze.

But in this case it’s true. Our perimeter shooting basically boils down to JD and Stanley. Toney hit two yesterday. But go look at the stats on his perimeter shooting this year. And Devo’s. And Jaylin’s.

We need JD to shoot it at least ok…

When he does that he can drive it past anyone, and we cook.

All is certainly not lost…but we gotta hit some perimeter shots…

As for foul trouble…we all know we lack depth. That is not new. It is what it it is. Next year…if Toney and JD come back…we will have tons of depth. This year we do not.

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This team is not winning the NC. I like this team and love our coaching staff. We do not have enough offense to win it all. It’s been a very good year but we simply don’t have enough pieces to win a NC this year. The players and coaches have given it their all so I am not complaining about effort. We simply cannot score enough at times to win the next 6 games. That is not negative talk but simple reality. Good season but like most years, we simply cannot win the Sec tournament regardless of how well things get laid out for us in the brackets.

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I’m just glad that beat down was by the aggies and not Kentucky

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Agree. I would much rather lose to them than KY or TN.

This was a bad game against an underrated team on an incredible run. Sh… happens. Foul trouble (lack of depth) is clearly our Achilles heel. Bad shooting from three and a world of sloppy turnovers doomed the Hogs today.

I expect that we will play much better in the tournament. Our draw and seeding are not as important as how we play. Aggressive defense without fouling, decent outside shooting, and minimizing sloppy turnovers will determine how far we advance in the tournament. We can beat any team in the tournament. If we play like we did today, our visit to the tournament will be short.

Muss and his staff will have the team well prepared. The team has enough talent to win. They must be focused to win. Anything less won’t cut it.

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It’s like when I go fishing, when they bite, I’m a great fisherman, when we shoot well we are a pretty solid basketball team.

This double teaming of our G’s and JWill is a problem. A late season problem, we have to deal with. LSU had some success with it, even though we still won. A&M completely owned us easily with it. It completely keeps us out of our offense,.


You are right. LSU started the trend in the last game at BWA. Muss is a great coach but the players have to execute. That has been the problem of late.

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