Way too early wins and losses

It’s way to early but fir fun in “talking season”

What do you think is Arkansas win loss record

My Gut reaction always is Arkansas 12-0 or 10-2 lol

But: looking at the schedule here you go

2021 Arkansas Football Schedule

Sept. 4 - Rice* win

Sept. 11 - Texas*(spit!) just because loosing is not to be considered #win

Sept. 18 - Georgia Southern* win

Sept. 25 - vs. Texas A&M^ gosh I want a win here but alas It’s a toss up game Could go to either but Ark by law of averages it’s time a win


Oct. 2 - at Georgia loss - too much talent at UGA

Oct. 9 - at Ole Miss. loss

Oct. 16 - Auburn. Should be a win! But what will the officials abs review booth guy do?


Oct. 23 - UAPB*win

(Ark 5–3)

Oct. 30 - OPEN

Nov. 6 - Mississippi State Win

(Ark 6-3)

Nov. 13 - at LSU loss

Nov. 20 - at Alabama Loss (May be a butt beating after LSU)

(Ark 6-5)

Nov. 27 - Missouri (%) Win - because the odds of a win are in our favor and it’s a home game but what will the officials do and what will the Birmingham review booth do to control this game?

It is possible to be 7-5 but just as easily could be 4-8 depending on injuries and luck of the draw officiating and breaks on the field

If it’s 4-8 it’s still better than last year but hope 7-5 or better

BOLD is Home games

I think you got it about right bluegrass.
We could pull off a win at Aubie to tho. But could lose another one of those toss ups.
7-5 is attainable, anything more bred out the bourbon. Ooops sorry I know it will be out anyway.


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We get Aubie at home. Anyway, it’s way to early…

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5-7 looks about right. It could be better or it could be worse…who knows, but I will hazard a guess, I guess.


I hope we pound Auburn

The wins I absolutely want this year

Texas (spit)

Tex A&M




I think hogs will get two maybe maybe three

Best bets I think are Texas (spit)
Tex A&M and Mizzou

QB is such an unknown…… and that’s just not ideal, especially in this league.

If Franks was returning, I could see 7-5 as the worst scenario. As it is, your assessment is probably accurate.

If Briles turns our QB’s into players capable of exceeding Franks’ 2020 performance, then he will be on the serious fast track of being the next hot head coaching candidate.

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I think you may have The Hogs a little better than they are. Hope not. Hate seeing that L with ole piss, but probably a good bet

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I’ll be at all the games, including taking 2 families of Longhorns to the UT game. I’m always optimistic, so with that warning…

Non conference 3-1, my heart says we beat UT, my brain says they have recruit better than we have the past 60 years and for a change have good coaching

Mississippi L, this is a toss up, but in the road…
Miss st. W. Nuff said
Jawja. L
Bama. L
Auburn w. We go for a 2 game winning streak. We should be favored, we should win
LSU, this is truly a toss up. We should have won last year, I really think we have a HUGE coaching advantage, I may put money on us winning this game, but at this early point, objectively fhis is more likely a L
Mizzou W. Doubt this is close
eATMe, it really pains me, but objectively this is a L

So 6-6. If the OL and DL come together, and KJ had a great year…….no no I’m not falling for that again lol


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Oh I agree I’m likely expecting too much but hope lives eternal as a Arkansas RAzorback fan

If we have a greatly improved offense I see the OC moving on to a HC job

This team kind of reminds me of 1998. Experienced O-line, good receivers (Lucas / Burks), couple of good backs, unproven defense with a couple of All-Americans (Kennedy / Catalon) and new head coaches who love the Razorbacks and players love them.

With that being said, 8-4 with some luck and 9-3 with a whole lot of luck.


6-6! That’s my thought. Maybe the hogs could lucky and co better but in year 2 that’s what I’m hoping for.

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I think there are a lot of toss-up games this year. In forecasting the season I think you start at 3-2 with likely wins over the FCS and G5 nonconference opponents, and losses to Alabama and Georgia.

From there, every team has question marks. Texas, for instance, lost most of its offensive skill contributors and will be in the first road game under a new coach. That shouldn’t be an easy game for the Longhorns.

I tend to lean toward losses at Ole Miss and LSU, but Arkansas also played those teams well last season. The Razorbacks came close to beating LSU with 50-something players.

Missouri, Mississippi State and Auburn are all games that could have gone either way last year, and all of those teams — like Arkansas — are still in the early stages of a new coaching staff.

Bottom line: if Arkansas wins the games it should and a few toss-up games, that’s a bowl team and progress over a year ago.


I was thinking the very same thing. All it will take is the same level of improvement from 2020 to 2021 that we had last year from 2019 to 2020.

If that happens, I could see a 9-3 season. Certainly not likely, but as opposed to previous recent years, at least a slight possibly.

Vegas over-under for the Hogs is currently 5.5 wins. If I can get that in Hot Springs or Pine Bluff, I might have to take a flyer on the over.

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I sooo hope you are correct

I was thinking similar especially the UTex (spit) game it looks like a win for the picking - Arkansas just has to be brutal rip bevo’s head off and drink their blood in true SEC welcoming fashion

Didn’t make the 1998connection but a stunner win over Texas (spit) may have the same confidence effect that the 1998 Bama win had

Still I see a two game losing streak - UGA and Tex A&M

I hope you are right and my 6 win season is 3-4 games winning games short like you intuit

Go Hogs Go

Sorry I missed the most important part of your message here Jimbrau

Yes the bourbon :tumbler_glass: will be out even if watching on ESPN3

I have DISH so I should be ok but too often my carrier thinks UK or UTenn games are more important

Hoping fir a great season and if it goes well the “Weller” will come out more than normal

Hoping that Arkansas is becoming Arkansas again - Love Coach Pittman’s approach

For a while I was afraid the Razorbacks were just going to be the state university football program now it looks like it’s being returned to the people of Arkansas

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I think we will put a better team on the field than we have seen in years. Unfortunately . the schedule is brutal and the bloody awful SEC officials will cost us games. They ALWAYS do. I’m going with best 5-7 team in the country.


I’d have to go along with eaglehog at 5-7. I’m excited to see the offensive line perform, especially with all the veterans returning. I think there’s a possibility the record could be 2 or 3 wins more if K.J. stays healthy and has an outstanding year. A big concern is back up QB, which is usually called upon during the course of a season.

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Several of my tailgate friends have a tradition before baseball games. They all have a shot of “Weller for the win!”

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