Way too early depth chart

Any ideas on a way too early depth chart, potential shake ups and what not ?

I’m thinking koilan Jackson makes the rotation. BM, JC as main starters at WR.

I wonder if Wagner gets it done early at LT.

I can see Calloway taking time away from toliver.

Excited to see baptiste and walker at LB too.

I’m excited to see freshman red-shirt Jordan Jones at WR this fall. Clay or Dudley, one posted the he would have a great shot at starting and/or being a big contributor. A 3-receiver set of BM and Jones set wide and JC in the slot would provide speed on speed. As with freshmen, RS freshmen, and 1st yr JUCO players, their playing time always depends to a large extent on how quickly they pick up downfield blocking schemes in the run game.

I 'd rather see Wagner spending a red-shirt year with Herbert molding him into a 335 lb red-shirt freshman LT in 2018. If Rogers can grab hold of the center position and come close to what we got from Frank last year, I’d love to see Ragnow at LT this coming year. The coaches have said that Frank would be the best player in the OL regardless of what position he was playing. Could also mean lots more money for him in the NFL.

Jordan jones is also someone I’m excited about, I live right down the highway from where he went to highschool, about 30 miles away or so. He is blazing fast, would love to see him running by DBs.

Predictions: what everything could look like at the end of spring. Kinda stupid to do this now, but I enjoy it. Starters in bold.
QB: Allen, Kelley
RB: Williams, Whaley
FB: Johnson, Jackson
WR1: Cornelius, Stewart
WR2: Martin, Pettway, Jones
TE1: O’Grady, Gunter
TE2: Cantrell, Kraus
LT: Wallace, Merrick
RT: Jackson, Wagner
LGs: Froholdt, Heinrich
RG: Gibson, Raulerson
C: Ragnow, Rogers

Wagner will certainly move his way over to LT, but even Skipper started at guard.

DE: Agim, Roesler
DT: Guidry, Marshall
NT: Jackson, Capps
ROLB: Clemons, LaFrance
LOLB: Ramsey, Walker
ILB: Greenlaw, Jean-Baptiste
ILB: Harris, Eugene
CB: Pulley, Tutt
CB: Toliver, Richardson
FS: Liddell, Edwards
SS: Ramirez, Coley
NB: Richardson, Dalton

This side of the ball was a lot harder to predict because you know it’s going to change a lot. Especially going into the fall. I think Bell moves back to defense and plays behind Clemons. It could be he is best suited for the 3-4, not the 4-3. Those safety positions look thin, too.

On offense, I think Patton will be starting at TE.

Who is this Clemons guy at ROLB?

Patton would be on this list ahead of Gunter, but he won’t be here until summer. Clemons is a JUCO guy we got at the beginning of the season but couldn’t play immediately. Coaches have been saying some really good things about him. A typical 3-4 OLB or smaller 4-3 DE.

I think you are thinking of Michael Taylor, there’s no Clemons on the roster.

Are you talking Michael Taylor?

I’ve probably been calling him Clemons for a couple months now. Yes, I mean Taylor. Clemons was JUCO recruit we were going after earlier this year. Sorry for the confusion.

Clemons ended up signing with A&M.

But yeah Taylor should be a good addition to the DL play this season.