Way to go Baylor

Big win over Kansas. Now, if we can hold court over LSU and then beat Baylor…


That would be HUGE for us, and as a bonus I would love it if Kansas gets well at The Squid’s expense.
Go Hogs!

I cannot root for Kansas and absolutely despise Cal, is there anyway they can both lose if so I chose that option.WPS

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Hope Kentucky beats Kansas. That will help us when we beat Kentucky.

I like the way you’re thinking and both Kansas & Kentucky haven’t looked too sharp at times. WPS

It would be awesome for Kansas to thump Kentucky and make Greaseball crawl back in his hole! First order of business for our hogs best LSU. Then it’s on to Baylor.

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Baylor is going to a Load for us to handle,those guards are unreal,quick off the dribble which is our big weakness,just have to hope their 3’s aren’t dropping bc if not,going to be a long day!

The hogs length could provide enough harassment on them to force them off the 3 point line. They also know how to get to the charity stripe. That as lethal as the 3.

They present problems because if you come out to block the shot they will blow by you or try to and we have had trouble all yr with that,That was all Bama did,isolate and blow by us to the rim.hopefully we win tonight and go over there and play an awesome game.