Way OT - But funny

Last Saturday we stopped in Hershey PA to visit Hershey Chocolate World while returning from a fall trip to New England. Several nice folks approached me noticing my Razorback shirt and it turned out they were on a bus tour from Russellvile. Had some great conversations with some good folks from home. On our way out we walked right by their bus that was almost loaded. I jumped up on the bus and asked if they wanted to Call the Hogs. It was a resounding YES. We had to whole parking lot looking at us in wonderment. Our traveling companions (Michigan and California folks) had never heard the Hogs Called. They were impressed.

That is a great example of why I wear my Hog gear whereever I go.

We also hiked part of the Appalachian Trail on the trip. Maine and New Hampshire was splendid. I have a video of the Hog Call but do not know how to put it on this message.

If you can post to youtube or twitter, I can put it here, just let me know where it is. But if not, email it to me at ElwingGSP@aol.com and I will load it.

Thanks Marty. Just emailed it to you.

I wear Razorback clothing quite often when I’m out of state or even out of country. Partly that’s because so many of my clothes have Hogs on them, but I enjoy how often I get a comment. Never had anyone ask what it is. They all know it’s a Razorback. My favorite encounter was at the ticket counter in Stuttgart, Germany. The lady behind it looked at my shirt, smiled & said, “Arkansas Razorbacks. Woo Pig Sooie.” I was shocked. She was a German citizen who’d attended the UA in some sort of exchange program.

I sport either my Hog or Harley attire while traveling across the globe.
I work in the Middle East, the Hog attire is always on somewhere-my head or body or both especially since they don’t care for pigs/pork in the region, oh well. I do fill my suitcase with hog hats & hand them out to many different nationalities. Almost always run out every trip.

Was on my way to the game last week, by way of flying to Tulsa. I had on a Razorback cap and a shirt with a Razorback on it. Everyone on the plane who saw the hog said something about how they were pulling for us and/or how much they like the Razorbacks. Now, admittedly, some said these things in relation to who we were to play. No nice words were said about Bama, but a lot were said about us…

Here’s my funny Razorback related travel story. My wife and I took a long trip out west a couple of years ago. Along the way we visited the Crazy Horse Memorial carved into the side of a mountain in South Dakota. A bus took us up a road to a better view of the memorial. On the ground was a a cluster of crystals. I said we have those in places in Arkansas. The bus driver asked where we were from in Arkansas and where we had seen crystals. As we talked, he flipped over the flap of his red jacked revealing a Razorback emblem. He was from Hot Springs and that was his summer job.

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Thanks Marty for this and all you do. I’m the old guy at the top of the stairs with the stripped Razorback shirt. Two Tide fans tried to get in the act but were overwhelmed by the home crowd.

Our traveling partners were amazed that everyone on the bus joined in very enthusiasticly. They asked how everyone knew what to do. I just said it’s a rite of passage back home plus it’s in our DNA.