Is there any chance Armon Watts is able get a medical redshirt? Heard he had problems (thyroid?) his first few years and couldn’t train or compete at 100%. Would be very nice to see him in a hog unirform another year.

I asked about that recently and was told it was not likely, but I do think they at least take a look.

But I do agree with you. He would be a great “pick up” for next season.

Either the injuries or the former coaches or both kept him down, but at least he is having one fantastic year.

This is Armon’s fifth year. He redshirted as a true freshman. There were no thyroid issues then.

It’s hard to understand how he only played in a few games the previous four years but what he’s is doing now will probably get him a shot in the NFL.

Hard to understand indeed… another Bert fail. I’m losing count.