Washington and Washington St. and I can tell you I personally don’t care for Leach as our head coach if he’s even in the running. I just don’t think Leach’s space age philosophy and his tendency to not be politically correct as far as football goes fits our fan base. I can see the powers that be cringing at some of his comments. Kinda reminds me of watching Bill Walton all weekend. Probably the worst color commentator I’ve ever heard.


I also agree. He sticks out like a sore thumb.

Leach has had major questions about his character for as long as he’s been around. My colleagues at texas Tech say worse things about him than I heard about Petrino (which sadly all turned out to be true). These are faculty members at Texas Tech I know. SURELY our BOT’s have learned their lesson about hiring a football coach with questionable character who goes on to embarrass the institution and state with his actions.


You wanna REALLY kill the program? Hire another guy with significant character issues. Almost did us in the last time. I don’t want Leach or Kiffin for these reasons.