Watching WKU and pulling for Ty

Without his win, we would likely still have CM and the best Coach we will likely ever have would still be in Ga. For that, Ty, I’m eternally grateful.


That was quite an exciting ending. I’m pleased for Ty.

Did quite well, finished high school career with a state championship and his college career with a bowl win.

How about we let Sam coach a game or two first. Will you think that if 2-10 again next year?

And why, pray tell, would anyone bother to bring that up at this point???

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I did so as the OP said he was out greatest coach.

I hope he does well. I want hogs to be great. Reality is gonna be a long hard painful difficult rebuild. Seems higher the expectations the faster we get upset and want to be rid of someone. I say all this to just ask we all pump the brakes and support hogs and hope Sam is the man

Love Pittman, but without (head) coaching a game yet he is already better than Frank Broyles? Let’s not put THAT much pressure on him.

I obviously hope Sam does very well, but he is unproven as a HC and to label him as a great HC or even a good HC is merely a hope at this point and not grounded in reality.