Watching video of first practice. 1 out of 6 shotgun snaps was OK.................................

…5 of 6 were high, left, right, etc. The one chest high snap was to Steven Jones so I assume that was a 2nd or 3rd team center. This is with no one on the center’s nose pressuring him to get the snap done quick so he can block the SEC nose man. I know it is just practice, but that is when it is easy to do right. In the game, it is much harder to do it right every time. This offense is going nowhere if the QB is distracted and delayed by inconsistent shotgun snaps!

Also seems like something that could have been practiced everyday since last season.

How many different centers?

Where is this video?

I’m a Morris fan but they should all be fired if that same problem carries over from last year…

makes absolutley no sense! if you can take a HS kid and teach him why in heck!! can we not center a ball 10 feet somewhere near the chest for 2 yrs I had a C snap one ball bad and that included a state championship(as much pressure as you can get in HS) with a 300 LB breathing down his neck and was perfect all night…all we did was practice 5 min before every practice. don’t get it smh

I read many of those “snaps” on the video were actually being tossed underhanded by one of the coaches. They may have intentionally made it a little tough. Don’t know.

hope so

Ty Clary and Silas Robinson both have been pretty much perfect on snaps through two days. Starkel and Hicks told me that. I don’t know about the third or fourth center, but that’s who is with the first and second team at center.

as they should be!

Ding Ding

Seems like a lot of people in this thread are jumping to conclusions.

Yes, I get it that it was not any good last season at all.

But the video comes from the first 20 minutes of practice - which is all we get to see and video - and a lot of it comes from warm ups and early drills.

I would hold off from declaring all the centers worthless.

Honestly, do y’all really think they didn’t practice that in off-season? :shock:

I knew they worked on it why I said it made no sense if that was indeed happening,I didn’t watch the video.

Ty Clary is quoted today in Bob Holt’s story that he had probably one out of 100 snaps in the first two days that wasn’t perfect. I don’t know that anyone saw that one. And, maybe it just didn’t meet his standards. He said a botched snap means the center has to immediately run a complete lap around the field.

I saw that and was very encouraged. Someone said that they thought the quarterback shotgun “snaps” were being thrown underhanded by a coach or trainor and that maybe they wanted them to not be perfect so they got used to handling those. Hopefully, my OP was over-reaction and there is not as much to worry about as I feared.