Watching Tiger's group at the PGA

Which happens to include Rory McIlroy. And Rory is tearing Southern Hills up. Seems like every drive is about 340 and right down the middle. He’s leading by two shots and will shoot 65 if he pars out.

Tiger, meanwhile, was -2 at one point and then bogeyed four out of five holes. He just saved par on 7 (his 16th hole) and is +2, as is Jordan Spieth in the same group.

It’s also pretty clear as the round has gone on that Tiger’s right leg is bothering him. He just bogeyed 8 as well, as did Rory.

Tiger bogeyed the last two holes and is +4. Rory birdied the last and is -5.

Cam Smith stumbled out of gates with a bogey and a double. Then made 7 birdies. He has the putting stroke needed at Southern Hills. I like his game.

Watching them again waiting for softball. On the 11th tee, Spieth hit one of those five-letter obscenities that rhymes with tank. Then Tiger double-crossed one long and left, saved from going into a creek only by thick rough, and then chopped out back over the green into the sand.

I’m thinking “hey, it looks like me out there! A shank, a yank and flying the green!”.

Tiger wound up with a double, Spieth bogeyed.

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I don’t know how Spieth doesn’t El Hosel them all with that new handsy laid off practice move! :persevere:

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I’m told he does hit shanks on the range at times.

The swing looks awful. It is built to hit a fade, but so is Collin Morikawa’s. Spieth should have gone to Butch Harmon to rebuild his swing and his confidence. I am a fan of Jordan, bit sometimes loyalty to a teacher can be harmful.

I understand Butch is no longer teaching, or at least has cut way back.

Jordan has actually hit it better over the last couple of years. He spent so much time on his swing that he neglected work on his putting and it suffered. He goes in stretches where he makes everything, but he isn’t nearly as strong with the flat stick as he was several years back.

That moving forward press in his putting stroke has always baffled me. Too many degrees of freedom to be consistent… but then having great feel and confidence can overcome mechanics.

As an engineer, I lean on simplicity and fundamental mechanics. :blush:

I like the forward press when putting. The shaft leans forward, just as it does with a full golf swing going thru impact. Brad Faxon was on Live at the PGA this week. He commented it is okay to forward press, but he felt Speith’s was gripping the club too hard with the left hand.

Faxon knows his stuff and would be a great teacher for Jordan. He is helping Rory now.

I think Faxon is a great short game teacher. He was a wonderful putter.

Tiger has withdrawn from the tournament after today’s 79. He was clearly in a lot of pain late in the round today.

He got the right draw first two days for his body. Early/Late. But playing early today was no good. Had to get up at 3 am to be ready for early tee time. I don’t think he’s nearly ready for hills yet. Florida golf is not like Augusta or Southern Hills. I’m amazed he can even hit a golf ball.

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He was noticeably limping as he walked off 18 yesterday. I felt bad for him.

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It is not the “Forward Press” itself I am baffled with… it is the wrist break (moving) that I do not like. It changes the angle of the putter face.

Agree 100%, Faxon is one of the best.

Tiger is mentally the strongest competitor other than Jordan I have seen in my lifetime. He is struggling with his leg, prior back surgeries and the cold and damp weather is very hard on him. You can see him pain but he plays on. I think the Open with the winds and cold will not be kind to him later this year if he still trys to play.
Still, you have to respect the level of performance and what he is enduring to try to play these major. It matters if you do not play competitively and then try to string four solid rounds together.

I do not think I have seen a golf course change as much in twenty four hours as that one did from Friday’s weather to Saturdays. Should be good round with lot’s players at top shooting for their first win.

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It was great to see Tiger play! At the same time I felt sorry for him when I noticed him limping Thursday and Friday. It’s a miracle he made the cut. The par 3’s tore him up Friday. I hope he’s able to get back in shape where he can play without the limp and concentrate on golf and smile.

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Not sure what shape Tiger can ever be at again. He’s not just beat up. He’s old.

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