Watching Tigers and Zags

Zags are damn good. Quick Guards, tough Bigs. But also getting some home town foul calls. Expect that next week in San Fran. Tough defense can win the game. But offense needs to show up as well.

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Really want to play memphis but not lookin good

Hate to say it, but after watching us a Zags tonight, I don’t think we have much of a chance. They put the ball in the hole. We don’t.

I find Drew Timme’s moustache annoying. I hope Jaylin knocks it off his face next Thursday.


Yep. Worst possible matchup for Arkansas. Zags knock down 3s, score in transition, pass the ball beautifully, and have two of the best bigs in all of college basketball. I appreciate what Muss has done with this Razorback team, but don’t see Arkansas beating Gonzaga. Hope I’m wrong.

Need to get Timme in foul trouble. JWill is a master of taking charges. A couple on Timme could even the odds


Every game is different. Y’all need to enjoy the win and what this team has accomplished. A lot of it is mental. Arkansas has scored a ton of points in many games this year. Defense travels and scoring fluctuates. Sweet 16!!


I agree enjoy the win but also agree, I’m struggling to see how we pull it out…playing 7 to 8…being out west…“home cookin” refs out there perhaps. Hopefully I’m wrong and we shoot lights out and JWill takes 7 charges

Don’t count Muss and his Hogs out. We shot the ball really bad, but we won. Kentucky, Baylor,Tennessee, Connecticut, and Iowa did not win.

If we shoot as poorly as we did today, we will probably end our season. However, if we shoot our our normal levels and play defense the way we did tonight, we will be in the game until the buzzer sounds. This team won another game with mental and physical toughness and hard nosed defense.


I just want Arkansas to go in loose, relaxed and play with confidence. No one is expecting Arkansas to win, so just take your best shot at the Zags. Arkansas’ defense is better than Gonzaga’s, and that should keep the Hogs in the game. The Zags lean more on their offense than defense, if we can somehow slow their O down, Hogs have a shot. Arkansas was tight as a frigging drum these first 2 games as the higher seed, and it showed in the shooting %s. I know these guys can shoot better than what they’ve shown these first 2 games.


I think we are going to get smoked by the Zags next week. We are not a good shooting team and their bigs will clog up the lane for JD can’t finish at the rim. I like our D but their offense will be too much for us.

I hope I am wrong but I just can’t see a W vs Gonzaga.

I agree. They are way better than us. I hope JD can slow down and not throw up his bricks as quick.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want to play Tiger High right now either. If their Big had not gotten into foul trouble, they might have won that game. At least we will be spared the indignity of being eliminated by Penny’s boys. Very proud of our team and what they have accomplished.I’m sure Muss will have a great gameplan and we will scrap and claw and fight for 40 minutes. I just don’t think that will be enough this time.

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Alabama beat the Zags, but they did it by making a lot of threes. We just simply aren’t a good shooting team. We have won the past two games despite shooting so poorly! 27% won’t beat Gonzaga. It will be important for JD and J Will to stay out of foul trouble and we will have to make good passes and limit out turn overs.
If not for our defense, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. It is going to take a great defensive team effort. I really don’t care how we look or how we do it. Just win baby!

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Make the dang lay ups or 75% of them and our shooting % will make a big jump.


I read the comments regarding the level of intensity created in free shooting practice and we have all seen the ice water confidence this team has in making free throws. I hope Muss and staff have a similar practice plan in mind for lay ups. The team seem to be in a teamwide slump in making almost any type of lay up. Last night’s margin was much too close from the number of missed lay up that producted defensive rebounds. The missed three’s coupled without offensive rebounds is difficult to accept but the missed is much more disappointing. The Hogs will be run out of the gym with the combination of missed lay ups and missed three’s.

Practice time should help, but not in repeating the same lack of focus and control JD, Devo and Chris have demonstated of late.

There’s still a reason why you have to play the game. I have no prove whatsoever but I’m willing to bet there’s been more brackets filled out with us beating the Zags than St Peter’s beating Kentucky. We have the opportunity to beat the Zags what more can you ask for at the end of the day. WPS

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No way better than us— my bracket has us playing Texas tech in elite 8

NEArkie, you don’t believe that. You’re just trying to jinx the bad guys.

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Man to say that about JD after what all he’s done for our program…The disrespect shown to our team on social media after last night is really sad.

We are an elite defensive and free throw shooting team It wasn’t that many years ago that we couldn’t guard a fence post and couldn’t throw it in the ocean from the line.

If you weren’t around for the Heath, Pel and some of the Anderson years you really can’t appreciate what’s going on right now.