Watching this SEC Tourney again, and it's ridiculous

So, the next game will start around midnight???

South Carolina-Missouri will begin at 10:30.

Matt is there a SEC rule that prevents a game to start after 11pm?

I do not think so. There have been some pretty late games in Hoover, including the one between Arkansas and Florida a few years ago when Wernes hit the late-inning home run.

Well they need to set some start time limit it happens every year . They should start game next morning at 8am to make up for lost time. Starting game at 10:30pm. Is just absurd!

It’s been this way for years. When you are trying to play four games on the same field in one day, you’re typically going to go late. With weather considerations, you better play when you have the weather to do it.

Still doesn’t make it the best option in interest of both players and fans. It needs to change!

I was hoping extra innings for Mizz/SC until about 5:00 am but then I’m a little prejudice…

I’m glad the Chickens won. They’ll preserve our RPI more than Misery would. I think we can handle them anyway.

It might be heresy, but I think they should end the SEC tournament & extend the season by one weekend (a Thurs-Sat series). Either that or make the first 2 games single elimination and play 2 games the first two days.

What is the point of an SEC baseball tournament? They have been playing all year. The regular season should be it. That is plenty of baseball. The only reason this tournament exists must be money. The teams settled it on the field. Arkansas and Old Miss won the West. Florida won the East. What are they playing for?

Money! That’s it. There is a tournament title that doesn’t men much. Have another series added to the season and forget it. That would be fine with me.

I just checked and there’s another weather delay. TAMU & Georgia are sitting out in the bottom of the 3rd.

I bet our game doesn’t start until 10:00 or later.

oh yeah it will 10:00 or later if that blob of rain they were showing gets there…hate the late game!!

One more win would have put the hogs in the morning games. The late game does stink. I’d rather have the late game Wednesday as have to play on Tuesday.
This could be the day that our game doesn’t get played at all!

Maybe they should just limit the SEC Tourney to the top 8 teams, and play it exactly like the CWS. That would give them a couple days flexibility.

That’s not a bad option, either. Lately the SEC is getting well more than 8 teams into the NCAA. The only reason to allow more than 8 into the SECT is that someone might scream that a team that doesn’t qualify for the conf tourney should be allowed into the NCAA tourney.

That would be my preference. The PAC12-1 does that and it just makes more sense to me. If they have to play a tourney, I would favor going back to 8 teams. (But going to 12 teams still hasn’t gotten Bama back into the Bama invitational.)

The SEC Tournament is a money maker. That is really the only reason it is played.

I’m not a fan of the tournament format, in particular how it goes from single elimination to double elimination, back to single elimination. I don’t think a baseball team should ever be eliminated from a tournament setting with one loss.