Watching this in Australia made me jealous

Tennis season has started with first stop for the tour being in Adelaide, Australia. Watching it on TV today (see below), with fans in the stands at 100% capacity, no masks, no social distancing, made me jealous. Australia is now virus free. But they got there with a complete initial lockdown, continuous testing, all citizens wearing masks and social distancing and most important a strict 14 day quarantine for every new arrival in the country.

Population of Australia is 10% of our population, so sure it is easier to accomplish that in Australia, but had we done the same, we would be a lot better off right now. Too bad some of our citizens didn’t cooperate and still don’t.

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Too many Americans believe they have the right to make their own decisions to either put a mask on and wear it or not!
That’s our problem in a nutshell.

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How do you get 300 million people to stay home in a quarantine? You don’t and you can’t. We have to balance keeping our economy strong as possible while trying to save as many lives as possible. People who have jobs and business owners who employ people just can’t quit. The devastation on the employees, their families and the businesses is just too great.

I live in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas. I seldom see anybody in public not wearing a mask. How do you tell a man who has a family with children to stay home and not work? You can’t. The government is trying to help, but it can’t afford to provide the lost income to every worker. Thank God for the vaccines…they will help us return to some sort of normalcy.

Drive around Central Arkansas and you will find people running around without mask. People don’t pay attention. You should worry about being able to care for your family but you should equally be able to protect your family and wear a mask. That’s my point.

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I’m now double masking due to the new variants when I have to go out. It’s the smart thing to do since I’m in the extremely vulnerable category.

That’s a great idea. Anything to prevent the spread is smart. I avoid making unnecessary trips out to town and I rarely go in anywhere.

Masks are sometimes worn in Baxter County. Probably over half mask up. And many have elected not to take the vaccine. I am not eligible for the shot yet, but I’ll darn sure take it.

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I haven’t updated you guys on my job lately. I’m sitting in a nursing home in Raleigh NC this morning. This entire home is now a COVID ward; every patient here has a positive test. So I’m in a moon suit: face shield, gloves, N95 mask, gown, even shoe covers. I have to take that stuff off in an area we call the “airlock” before I go to lunch or go back to the hotel tonight.

Even though I’ve had both shots of the vaccine, it’s still a little scary. One, the vaccine is only 95% effective, which means 5% can get it anyway, and two, it takes about 14 days after the second Moderna shot to get full immunity and I’m not there yet. Not to mention all these variants; the South African variant has been identified in northeastern South Carolina, not too far from me.

Take care Jeff. Great work you’re doing. Me and Suzi are about to hit the one month mark from a positive test. Scary stuff. She is back to 100% and I’m about 95%. We’re blessed compared to others.

Stay safe man! I know you are young enough but hope all good precautions are taken at that place.

Young enough??? Some of the patients here are younger than me.

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