Watching these bowl games

every team go to there playmakers often. Why won’t we play our guys??? Hammonds, O’Grady, Jordan Jones should’ve been on the field this year. They gotta get these kids on the field and do what Petrino said do Feed the Studs…Please

God. We get it.

You want Hammonds to play. He didn’t play much. If he’s as good as you say he will. We are losing a ton of receivers. Same for Jones at Wr and Ogrady at TE.

We have gotten the ball to playmakers. Your gripe is more that the playmakers we have used are the upper upperclassmen and not the freshman you wanted to play.

I agree that he was too reliant on upperclassmen but it IMO was a much bigger problem on defense.

The guys he used on offense–Rawleigh, Whaley, Morgan, Keon, Cornelius, Sprinkle, Cantrell were productive.

I guess you could argue he or Jones should have gotten Reed’s reps but they played him a little just because when he was right he made big plays against big teams.

They tried to get Hammonds involved and probably should have tried harder. Some things happened that made it more difficult than we assume–particularly when they had other, proven options and very little margin for error in several games.

Should’ve gotten Reed’s, Hollister’s and Walker’s reps.

Hammonds IMO definently needs to me much more involved in the gameplan next yr and I’m sure he will,he has speed that just looks faster than what we have seen,

Speed cannot overcome poor OLine play. The QB and receivers need time. And the RB’s need holes before speed can be used.

It starts with the OLine.

But speed and playmakers are huge. I agree 100%.