Watching the Texas Tech game

Brings back a long-ago memory. In the pre-Internet days, one of my jobs in the Sports Information Office at UA was to go through the hometown newspapers of our football opponents and get clippings about their teams. Lou Holtz’s assistants wanted to have them both to get tidbits of information about the teams and for bulletin board material. I always found going through the Lubbock paper amusing because it seemed like the Avalanche-Journal’s sports section mainly contained ads for various, uh, adult-oriented establishments. Must have been some interesting Saturday nights…

lol I used to call Rick Shaefer 3-4 times a yr when I was in get my updates.

:smiley: what else is there to do in Lubbock :lol:

My thoughts exactly.

Speaking of adult entertainment, Stormy Daniels grew up in Baton Rouge but apparently never enrolled at Corndog Tech.