Watching the Texas Alumni baseball game...

Roger Clemons got touched up for 3 runs in top of first. This is pretty interesting, have we had an Arkansas alumni game?

I don’t recall one. The old guys go pheasant hunting in the fall. They take Norm and have a big time in South Dakota. That’s guys like McReynolds, Tabor, Bakewell, Ray. I would like to be there at night for the stories.

I can’t recall one. I do know that 'Zona State has them frequently, although I don’t know if they have one planned this year. (My Arizona State friend has dropped his tickets until they fire the coach and the AD.)

BTW, the 'Zona State alumni game is in the late spring. It would be this upcoming weekend.

Obviously, I’m watching the replay on Longhorn Network, but I think it happened yesterday. This would be the perfect time of the year to do it, but I guess we’d have more weather issues in February than Arizona or Texas. It would be fun to see, and I bet a lot of fans would show up.

I spoke to my friend today. He said that the alumni game would be this time of year and about now. But since Tracy Smith was hired, they stopped holding those games. That’s just another strike against Smith. That once proud program is in disarray.