watching the terrorist attacks in Turkey, how much extra security

will there be around sporting events in the US this fall or even the coming July 4th events? Where ever there is a large crowd of people there is a target for any type of terrorist attack on our soil. Personally when I go to the football games this season, I am going in early when the real mass has not yet began to go in to the stadium and after the game, I am going to stay in my seat an extra 15 minutes in order to let the mass of the crowd out into the streets in front of me. It would be my opinion that the real soft spot of a target is about 150 yards outside a large stadium right after a game in the dark when the mass of the crowd is tight in a constricted narrow area. I am the head of one of four security teams where I go to Church, so I have read and studied all I can on this subject. Have any of you guys thought about this yet? I have seen security in place before games outside a stadium before a game, but what about after the game several hundred yards away from the stadium? Opinions and viewpoints anyone?

You make some valid points regarding security on our soil. These terrorists study in advance the actions of people at crowded venues. Any insight is welcomed for sure.
I was rerouted thru Istanbul due to delayed flight from USA to Amsterdam while traveling to Kuwait in Feb, just before the last attack there.
We seem to be on high alert 24/7 traveling to and from there the last few years.

I have absolutely thought about this. For about the last 2 years I have been much more aware. I watch people closely. I am aware of exits. I try to understand where potential “soft spots” are. I think it is a legitimate and serious threat. People can say that is being paranoid. I say it is being smart. I hope they do take these concerns seriously. No one thinks it will or even can happen to them until it does.